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For those who don't know, this is the wikipedia editor referred to in Angry Mob's Corporal Jones blog.

Here is a list of all the discussions he's had (mostly about the Mail) with other wikipedia users/admins. For example, about 3/4 down the page, he labelled another users comment on the Mail Online wiki page that the online team "edit user comments" as vandalism. Despite linking to the official terms of use of Mail Online where it says that comments may be filtered, Christian1985 states
He is trying to claim the DM is 'censoring' and 'filtering' comments they don't like, NOWHERE does the reference state this. I think it is vandalism. The Mail do NOT 'edit' comments at all, this is a false claim
Hie review of the Mail on Sunday is here.
The Mail on Sunday is my favourite sunday paper, I couldn’t live without it. I don’t believe in the biased derogatory stereotypes about Mail readers. I may be a right wing Conservative supporter, but I feel the accusations made against Mail readers are unfounded and unfair. I am also a very young Mail reader. I am a 21 year old student and have read the MoS since I was about 16. It is a fantastic paper in my view.
He also thinks Mailwatch is a junk site, so...that's us told!
By bluebellnutter
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The sad thing is its whackos like him which devalues Wikipedia. I wonder if the Wiki admins are aware of his actions?
By Tubby Isaacs
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I would say the MoS finds the balance between being an intellectual paper and not being too serious. The Mail on Sunday is a fine example of quality British jorunalism.
He might be a student. We had a future Tory candidate on a university course I did. He did the impatient sneery stuff at what we were learning all the time, as though it were some bollocks he just had to learn to pass the course. Funnily enough he opted out of one piece of coursework too many and failed the course. His CV had a bit of a hole in it.
By SewerUrchin
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I bet he has his own little batcave-style hideout, where occasionally his frantic masturbating over Thatcher in her heyday is interrupted by an alarm going off and a flashing light.
"Galloping gaylords! Sounds like someone's criticising the Mail! To Wikipedia!"
And then he gets in the Twatmobile and drives off into the night, looking for a Guardian reader to beat up.

Also, haha.
UK satirical cartoon show Monkey Dust ran a sketch involving a man in a waiting room, surrounded by framed Daily Mail headlines. He is called by the secretary, who tells him that 'the editor of the Daily Mail will see you now'. He is lead to a room occupied by a large desk behind which, on a chair, sits a huge, orange-brown turd. Deserves a mention I feel ;) -- (talk) 00:50, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
Such nonsense has no place in an encyclopedic article. Also it is not from a reliable source. Christian1985 (talk) 07:26, 25 June 2011 (UTC)
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