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By Fozzy
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'Intrusive, unwelcome and a violation of our law': Furious backlash after EU court orders Ireland to scrap anti-abortion rules ... rules.html" onclick=";return false;

Several comments pointing out that the Human Rights Court has nothing to do with the EU, but our heroes on the DM aren't about to let the facts get in the way with of the most tenuous excuse to whip up a bit of anti-EU mouth-frothing.
New Year comes early as student discovers 50 pence piece dated 2011 in her change

Nice piece of churnalism written by the mysterious "Daily Mail Reporter" here. And it's a complete failure too!
However, the Royal Mint today said the coins have slowly been released into circulation since October so people should expect to start finding them in their change now - and their value is only 50 pence.

Emma (Who? I thought the main woman of the piece was called Sarah Legg) said: 'I was just getting some food at college and thought the coin looked very shiny, so I took a closer look.

'I thought I had gone into the future with the markings it had. Where the date it is made was it said 2011.

'I was a bit shocked to be honest and showed all my friends. It looks like the Royal Mint have made a blunder.'

Coin experts are perplexed by the find.

Rob Davies, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, said: 'It is very unusual and special and the young girl should keep it.

'I could not put a price on how much they cost but it is very special and similar to the 20 pence issue a few months ago.'
A blunder? I hardly think so. It's just the Royal Mint releasing their 2011 special design coins early, as is mentioned elsewhere in the article. And I don't know who this 'coin expert' is but he's probably the father of one of Ms Legg's friends.
Now the 17-year-old forensic science student hopes to sell it to coin collectors to help pay her university fees after she leaves Fareham College in Hampshire.
You having a laugh here?
By satnav
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The mail on-line polls seem to be a bit of an epic fail at the moment. Despite all the negative coverage 75% of readers 'still support student after the riots' and 74% of readers believe that 'drugs should be decriminalised'.

It does make you wonder what it must be like to read one of LittleJohns columns after taking some mind bending drugs?
By satnav
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Did anyone else see the Annabel Giles Article. ... wrong.html

How has the Mail's sub editor allowed an article to appear in the paper in which the writer admits that living on benefits is tough? Annabel also mentions in the article that after lots of searching she found a job in a cafe but gave it up after some one recognised her because she had 'her reputation to think of'.

Only last week Annabel did another article for the Mail about how cosmetic surgery had changed her life. So one week her life has been transformed by surgery and the next week she's stuck on benefits. Can we expect an article next week about her selling 'The Big issue'?

I'd like to know how she can keep knocking out articles for the Dail Mail and still be claiming benefits is pay at the Mail so poor that staff have to claim benefits to make ends meet? I suppose it would explain why the standards of many of his journalism is so poor.
By Fozzy
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Headline to the current lead story:
Eating human flesh is 'magic', boasts Crossbow Cannibal who murdered and dismembered three prostitutes. . . and wow many more did he kill?
More than a little unfortunate, carrying as it does Littledickian undertones that he is to be admired for getting rid of so many prostitutes.
By Paul
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Just had my Private Eye in the post only a week late.

What a Fanny! How the Mail editor inserted some top filth into his centre pages by accident. ... t_of_shame&" onclick=";return false;

Lots of sniggering about this story, that made the DM switchboard buzz.

My Fanny Cradock Christmas: Tessa Cunningham gives her father a blast of nostalgia using her mother's catering guide

Read more: ... z1ArYXgylR" onclick=";return false;

because of a meaningless supplement, the paper copy read,

My Fanny ... guide.html" onclick=";return false;
By Goldplated
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DM quoting that well-known author George Owell :lol:

Dear sir, can we have an affair? Council orders staff to apply in writing if they want an office romance

But one joyless council has been blasted as 'Owellian' after it told workers to apply in writing if they want a relationship with another member of the office. ... z1ArkqVBsL" onclick=";return false;

Complete with ridiculous Alamy photo denoting "workplace relationship"
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