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To be absolutely frank with you, Timbo, what you've done there is actually written a better headline than the people paid to think one up.
By Timbo
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You've gotta love those articles in a 'family paper'. "Mummy, why does Daddy have an erection?"
That's a classic Tits! article as well.

"We can't understand why Kelly Brook would get into her underwear for an advert. Here, have five pictures of her in various skimpy attire and a bonus video. That way you can be outraged too."

Personally, I don't see the fuss about Kelly Brook's underwear. I'm more interested in what's underneath.

As to the Paula Radcliffe article, they just can't help themselves...

Strange that most sportswomen seem to be blond and ugly.

- Ali, Gaza, 31/5/2010 19:06
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Pregnant and STILL looks like a skeleton.

Cute child, thankfully DOESN'T look like her Mum!

- Nick, Exeter, UK, 31/5/2010 16:19
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FFS, she's a fucking runner, not a model! If you want to see women with curves go and look at the Kelly Brook article, although you probably snipe at her as well. Mind you, most of the negative comments in that story beggar belief.
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I'm more interested in what's underneath.

Yeah. That's some great lino.
I was actually looking at the laminate floor on the top one. That's some master craftsmanship is that.
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Self-obsessed pavement shitter.

Pisser shurely? It conjures up an amusing image though- her squatting at the roadside taking a dump. Unlike when she pissed herself deliberately and everyone quite understandably distainfully thought "you dirty cow".
By Tom_UK
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Plenty of the 'Tits!' articles' seem to be little more than thinly veiled articles for FHM or GQ magazine (is there anyone who actually reads GQ as opposed to putting it on their coffee table to impress people?).

GQ ads: ... shoot.html ... t-yet.html ... -Bolt.html

FHM ads: ... Woman.html ... shoot.html ... shoot.html

With quotes like this...
For the full interview with Audrina, see this month’s FHM Magazine, which goes on sale on Thursday.'s pretty clear what's going on. All a far cry from this.
Tom_MKUK's pretty clear what's going on. All a far cry from this.

As I pointed out at the time, they didn't even both waiting until the story had gone from the front page to start contradicting themselves...

By Paul
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Lino's easier to clean, and warmer on bare feet.


the green & white diamond pattern is what we used to have in the kitchen,

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