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J wrote:
And quite right to, the Christians in this country have been pushed to the sideline. Any other faith can do and say what they like, but be a follower of Christ and you may as well be locked up for years. For instance, in my area, it is Easter Day, but all roads have been blocked all day for another faiths festival and long march between Temples and the local park, denying Christians from travelling to churches for worship. Even vehicles were banned, and disabled and elderly denied access.

- Stuart, West Midlands, 24/4/2011 22:25

Stuart struggles to grasp that the whole country follows the same calendar. Shame he didn't identify this mysterious other festival. Who was banning vehicles Stuart? Christians couldn't get to churches you say? Or perhaps you just made all of this up and there wasn't any event on today and you could have gone to any number of churches freely? Except that doesn't fit with your persecution complex. This is the nub of the problem - people who consider reality optional getting their nose out of joint when dealing with people who consider reality quite significant.

Sikh new year parade in Coventry - ... e-13080025
Looks like more fun than being a christian in the Phillipines. Mind you, I enjoyed listening to the full peal of bells whilst I was painting my shed. But I suppose I must have imagined that, because you can't be a christian any more in this country.
By J
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Killer Whale wrote:Sikh new year parade in Coventry - ... e-13080025

The Vaisakhi celebrations in Coventry? That's what closed the roads and prevented Christians getting to churches?!


Having lived there and been to most of the gurdwaras in Cov I find this more than comical. The route described in the article goes up a few main roads and it would not take much to go around (St. Nicholas Street - Sandy Lane - Middlemarch Road OR up the A-road, Phoenix Way) - the parade route is basically once up and down an asian area. Sounds like someone has seen people doing something religious and over-reacted massively. I don't for a second believe this prevented people from getting to church. And why didn't the compainer mention the mosque on Eagle Street? :roll:

What a crock.
By Fozzy
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There was one madwoman commenting on one of the Mail stories whinging about the lefty BBC not showing any religious programmes over Easter. Clearly she wasn't too desperate to watch something churchy, otherwise she might have picked up a programme guide to check - whereupon she would have found loads of Christian programming both on Friday and Sunday, including the pre-recorded service at King's that the Mail was making a fuss about. It never ceases to amaze me how people are happy to expose their own prejudiced stupidity so blatantly, and why they don't bother to make even the most elementary check before writing that sort of rubbish.
By J
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You could probably sit her in front of it like this and she'd still claim it wasn't on. What's worse - she wouldn't be lying. She would actually literally fail to perceive that which is under her nose if it threatens to contradict a position she is heavily invested in. That's the thing about self-righteuos twats - they believe their own bullshit.

The "I've made my mind up, don't trouble me with the facts" mindset has a special place in the Mail readership.
By J
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I know a person who is a full-on tambourine shaking Christian.... and a lesbian

She gets herself into such convoluted knots trying to explain why it's thoroughly marvellous to belong to a group that hate everything about her existence that she has earned herself the sobriquet of 'Theodyke', as in, "Oh fuck here comes that theodyke again, it'll be all 'Hallowed by thy name' and bean-flicking". This irreconcilable schism (they're never too far away from religion, eh?) appears to be a major part of her life, so much so that it's existence is manically downplayed to the point that nobody is convinced.

It really is a fucking shame as she is a fundamentally decent person struggling with lashing of self-loathing and wounded rage - and for what?

Visual oxymoron
Dang. Is she at least in a liberal and accepting sort of church? Those do exist, but then these other folks say they are wrong because being gay is a SIN.

I do not understand the log Cabin Republicans. As it means belonging to a party that is not found of your gay self... and wants to make sure that gay people have no rights at all, while saying that they believe in freedom. It turns my brain into scrambled eggs.
I was walking past a Christian bookshop yesterday, and noticed this sign in the window next to some of the books:


Not sure who the owners are referring to when they say "they", but I get the distinct impression that they mean "those dirty non-believers who persecute us every day, according to the Mail".
Tubby Isaacs wrote:Maybe it's referring to politicians who want to throw money at them to run schools. One look at those books, and they might change their minds.

Why don't we have a Christian ethos for the railways as well. They could sing hymns as we sat on the trains.

You've provoked a painful memory there.
I was once accosted/cornered by a hymn-writing trainspotter in an otherwise deserted carriage on a long journey.

Inoffensive chap in many ways, he'd named his tunes after stations on his favourite routes.
The habit of carrying on, and on and on, uninvited, and even singing me some of the hymns was rather worrying though.
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