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By Fact Hunt
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AOB wrote:EastEnders wins Christmas Day TV ratings battle

Mail won't be happy. BBC win again with 10m for DeadEnders. Although it's mystifying why 1 in 6 of the population want to spend an hour of their Christmas Day watching a bunch of deeply unpleasant characters shouting and being cuntish to each other.
(So much for my "easiest prediction of the year" that the Mail would go overboard celebrating a Downton Abbey win/BBC defeat :oops: ).

It'll probably get reported as "Humiliation for the BBC as ITV has two of the top-three most watched programmes on Christmas Day".
By JuanTwoThree
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"You havin' a Turkish wiv me mate?"

"Pray tell me, Sir, am I a source of amusement to you?"

Not much in it. Both are soaps. The Downton special was a pleasant enough bit of entertainment. Certainly compared with the 15 channels of unadulterated utter shit on Spanish TV, but far closer to "Upstairs Downstairs" in spirit than to, say, Schlesinger's "Far From the Madding Crowd", misty morning walks notwithstanding.
By Andy McDandy
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DA ran for 2+ hours, including adverts. Logic thing for many to do would be watch BBC1 (EE and AbFab) and record ITV. So, no surprises there.
By Arnold
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Expert brands Downton Abbey 'infuriating to watch' as she criticises relationship between show's servants and employers

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1hlhBYGo1
'The guns are wearing leather gaiters - an item of clothing that would not have been work during the Twenties.
By shyamz
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Costumes getting reused, hardly news is it - that happens all the time, particularly now that the taste for period dramas is back with a vengance.

But if it gives them an excuse to print pretty pictures of girls from Downton in their lovely costumes, who cares?

Bet there'll be no accusations of ITV penny pinching in light of this will there?
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