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By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:Theres an article in the Independent now saying that the Tories want to regulate and control the internet in Britain.

They are authoritarian arseholes. How long before Mailwatch is deemed "subversive"?

In a shameless rip-off of that IT crowd episode where Moss and Roy let Jen "borrow the internet" for her board level presentation.

Maybe we could present Amber Rudd with an Etch a Sketch (tm) and tell her it's the "Hashtag Controller".
By mattomac
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Yeah it's set up to fail to be honest, the sidebar of shame would be the first thing to fall foul.

Though it really is yet another example of why the NHS systems were so outdated last week, people who have fuck all knowledge pretending they can do stuff.

I bet the porn block will fuck up the moment it's launched.
By mr angry manchester
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I bet the porn block will fuck up the moment it's launched.[/quote]

A little commentary on human nature. The internet, a fantastic innovation with limitless possibility for educational purposes and what is one of its major uses? Wanking.
By davidjay
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Arnold wrote:N Korea, Burma, Saudi Arabia, etc. Why is joining the ranks of countries that censor the Internet thought likely to encourage people to vote for the Nasty Party?
Because it's something new and different and they don't understand it so it must be a Bad Thing.
By Boiler
mattomac wrote:
youngian wrote:Its not all good though.

The internet is very high on the list of things Brexiters don't like. Disliked even more than feminism and environmentalism if I recall from one survey.
Yet it's the very thing that has given them a voice.
And now they wish to control it so only they have a voice.
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