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By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:If push comes to shove, she will buy them off, after all the Magic Money Tree appeared from nowhere to pay off the DUP
I can't see it, it'll need a good 7 or 8 percent to get them anywhere close to their pre-austerity position.
By youngian
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Theresa May Renaissance woman
A speech by Theresa May billed as an important moment in the Brexit negotiation process is to take place in Florence next week, “to update on Brexit negotiations so far.”

May will be travelling to Italy purely to make the speech, which is not tied in to any bilateral talks or conferences.

Asked why the venue had been picked, May’s spokesman said the prime minister “wanted to give a speech on the UK’s future relationship with Europe in its historical heart”.

He said: “The UK has had deep cultural and economic ties spanning centuries with Florence, a city known for its historical trading power. As the UK leaves the EU, we will retain those close ties. As the prime minister has said on many occasions, we are leaving the EU, not Europe.”

Trade with England, especially London, was a key part of the Florentine economy during this period, notably in wool and cloth, though critics of Brexit might point out that this declined in the 16th century as Antwerp took over as a trade destination. https://amp.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... n-florence" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

My favourite line
The list of attendees has yet to be announced, but Downing Street has informed the office of the Italian prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, about the event.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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If she's planning on using the police as heavies to keep dissenters in line she should probably stop pissing them off:

Police Federation brands Theresa May a liar for claiming some officers have enjoyed a huge pay boost
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 45261.html

Calling it a “downright lie” Calum Macloed, the Federation’s vice-chairman, said: “It shows they have lost touch with reality, if they ever had it, and are clueless as to the demands and dangers officers have to face on a daily basis to keep communities safe.
By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
If she's planning on using the police as heavies to keep dissenters in line she should probably stop pissing them off

The private sector could step in and use some of Nigel's peoples' army to duff up pickets.
Bring em on, I've not twatted a blackshirt for over a decade.
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