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By satnav
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On Friday Michael Gove was trying to get some good headlines by promising to get rid of plastic straws to help the environment. Surely if kids were warned that they would grow up looking like Gove if they continued to use plastic straws they would soon stop using them.
By Andy McDandy
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As I've said before, no actual ownership of any decision. No accountability at the crucial level. And it's all very deliberate.
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By Bones McCoy
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https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... d-plymouth

Yet the mainstream media still presents Pob as a success.
Plymouth studio school was set up with a specific sports focus to train sports stars of the future. As well as the usual classrooms and laboratories, the £4.2m building, opened by the school standards minister, Nick Gibb, contains a gym containing the latest fitness equipment including a virtual reality “brain training” NeuroTracker device intended to boost concentration.

There are currently 155 pupils, which is half the number the school is meant to accommodate. The schools watchdog Ofsted is expected to classify the school as inadequate after a recent inspection.
By Andy McDandy
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You're confusing taking credit and taking responsibility.

Sure, Gove and Young had the vision, but you can't expect them to deal with details...
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