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By LabourWill
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I acknowledge that his views are aligned perfectly to those of bigoted, right-wing Daily Mail readers, though I still think this bloated, spiteful Thatcherite cunt is exactly that!

Uncompromising and belligerent, the articles he writes exude revolting malice. In every one, the odious scumbag selects a predictably easy target, then pursues it with unwavering virulence, describing whoever or whatever this - or simply those opposed to his party or its views - with with the sort of terms that exist only in the lexicon of brutish Tories like him: 'Class warriors', 'embittered lefties', 'union dictators', 'Marxist sympathisers'; the list goes on.

The thrust of all that he writes is about vilifying such individuals, presenting them as misanthropic foes of freedom who worship at the shrine of Stalin, whether they be striking miners or teachers voicing their objection to the presence of bullying in schools. Only last month he penned a hate-filled treatise about how Thatcher's defeat of the miners was a "victory for democracy".

I find it galling when those with an adoration for their grotesque personal wealth, such as Tebbit, castigate those with the opposite view as essentially evil. So zealous about rich old businessmen's entitlement to keep their millions (or even billions), they'd rather they did so despite the miserable consequences this would have (and indeed does have) on the types of poor, defenceless people Tebbit victimises. An ideology that tolerates poverty, clearly, is more acceptable to him than one that promotes fair taxation so it can be eradicated.

So what an utter cunt he is. As if the robotic halfwits who venerate the piffle of the Mail's columnists need anyone else scolding benefits cheats, public sector workers or Labour MPs.

Yet more reason to despise Dacre's rag... :evil:
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By LabourWill
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Abernathy wrote:Hiya Will !

Small point, but I reckon it's stretching things quite a bit to describe Tebbs as "bloated". Now if you're talking about Nicholas Soames ...... :?
Yuck. What a strange, mis-shapen creature he is. He's little more than a blob in a suit with the obligatory handkerchief in the breast pocket.

He also looks like what I imagine Nick Robinson would if he put on weight and aged thirty years.
By somewhat_nifty
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hehe, Tebbitt was my first introduction to the awfulness of the Mail. At the beginning/end of university holidays, my Dad would have the fun task of driving me the 250 mile journey. The tedium was relieved by a break at a Little Chef, where you were punished further by being given a free Mail on Sunday. We were a Guardian-reading household, so it was my first introduction to right-wing frothery, and Tebbitt's column made a distinct, evil impression on my young mind. The man's a raving loon, but a dangerous one as he's given a platform where people will listen to him, cf Melanie Phillips.
By bluebellnutter
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Once a bitter, Thatcherite twattishly-faced moron with cuntish features who makes Gengis Khan look reasonable, Hitler look debatable with and Wayne Rooney attractive, always a bitter, Thatcherite twattishly-faced moron with cuntish features who makes Gengis Khan look reasonable, Hitler look debatable with and Wayne Rooney attractive
By LabourWill
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HAHA Abernathy! :P

Made me lol. I'll have to find a Tory to tell that to!

I also find it funny to imagine the reaction of the Mail if it found out we'd been joking about such subjects:


Outrage at IRA quips

To hard-working, respectable middle-class families, the IRA are a terrorist organisation that perpetrated acts of extreme evil during its brutal campaign for Irish unification, and continues to do so today.

But to some Marxist-sympathising posters on a chilling internet messageboard, its bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in which members of Margaret Thatcher's were staying during the 1984 Conservative party conference is a subject of much amusement.

One contributor calling himself 'Abernathy' jokes about Norman Tebbit, the much-admired former government minister, being the fastest reader in the Conservative Party due to how he once went through "seven storeys in four seconds" - a sick reference to his injury by the IRA bomb detonated close to his and his wife's hotel room.

Tebbit is said to be 'disappointed' by the quips, and commented that "The [posters] lack of respect for such things is remarkable", prior to adding that: "Humour no longer constitutes harmless japes about gays, Jews and dastardly immigrants like it once did".

Determined: Thatcher inspired by the nation by insisting that the
Conservative party conference would "go on" as scheduled

Jacqui Weems, chairwoman of the recently formed Campaign for Family Values, was similarly outraged. Speaking from her £220,000 house, mother of two Ms Weems said: "There was a time when people knew what was and what wasn't offensive. But the NuLabour project seems determined to destroy the civility that everyone used to act with."

The comments posted by 'Abernathy', whose display picture is of ex-Labour leader John Smith, who was thought to have purchased a Soviet Union flag during his teenage years, come at a time when increasing numbers of people are angered by the viciousness of the Left. Many will argue such jokes are indicative of their 'terrifying' contempt for their opponents, a view shared by Tebbit's former colleague Nicholas Soames.

Tebbit, 77, was a prominent member of Margaret Thatcher's cabinet during the 1980s, serving as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry at the time of the Brighton Bomb. Famous for his 'On your bikes' remark, Tebbit was an outspoken opponent of militant trade unionism who earned widespread praise for his warnings of the potential of "Red fascism" to cripple Britain.

'Abernathy', however, is believed to be actively involved in the Labour Party. Little is known about the enigmatic poster, although the Mail has learned that he regularly scorns Conservative figures using virulent, class-warrior rhetoric. It is suspected he may be currently unemployed.

David Cameron has added his voice to the protests against the sick jokes, and extends his sympathies to Mr Tebbit, who he said: "is an innocent, kind-hearted man who should not have to suffer this abuse".

Labour, perhaps suspiciously, declined to comment on the matter.

Turn to page 12 for Littlejohn's outspoken views on the matter: "These comments are pure evil, but watch what you say, question these Lefties' 'creative freedom' and the human rights lot will probably throw US in jail.


I have too much time on my hands! :roll:
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By culfy
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Abernathy wrote:Could just throw in a sick-ish joke here from the time of the Brighton bomb:

Q: Did you know that Norman Tebbit was the best speed-reader in the whole cabinet?

A Really?

Q. Yup - he could get through 7 storeys in 4 seconds.

Would that be my coat just there ? :?
Q. What do you call a man with a spade on his head?
A. Doug
Q. What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?
A. Cliff
Q. What do you call a man with a hotel on his head?
A. Norman Tebbit.

You couldn't grab mine as well could you?
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