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By Malcolm Armsteen
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But he has a tewwibly middle-class accent and he uses big words, so the Tories (and the real plebs) think he's a brain on legs.
By The Red Arrow
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Via EU Flag Mafia.

Check out the links to find out why I left them in the Lady MacPob's husband thread...

25 September 2017
David Attenborough: Brexiteers “probably don't understand” facts

The celebrated naturalist warned against the rise of nationalism.

https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/s ... tand-facts

Sir David Attenborough is told to button it on Brexit

https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-st ... -1-5592606
It would appear that I owe Michael Gove and his wife Sarah, the Daily Mail columnist, an unreserved apology. Last week, I suggested that Geordie Greig, when he takes over as the Mail’s editor in November, might be minded to drop Vine’s shouty column, which would set the Gove household back by £200,000 a year.

“You haven’t reckoned with two character traits of the Goves,” an associate of the environment secretary admonishes me. “One, they are never parted from an income stream without a fight. And, two, while they could not have been closer to Paul Dacre, the outgoing editor, they are not known for their loyalty.”

He adds: “Take it from me that Project Bend Geordie’s Ear is already well under way, and, if Michael is still in his job this winter, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Daily Mail under its new boss turns out to be an astonishingly well-informed paper.”
By youngian
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Michael Gove admits leave campaign wrong to fuel Turkey fears

During the campaign Gove claimed that Turkey and four other countries could join the EU as soon as 2020, and their accession could lead to moving to the UK by 2030 under free movement.

The Conservative minister was asked by Tom Baldwin, a former communications director for Ed Miliband, in his book Ctrl Alt Delete whether he had been happy making appeals to “some very low sentiments” in the context of concerns over Turkish immigration. The minister replied: “I know what you mean, yes. If it had been left entirely to me the leave campaign would have a slightly different feel. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... tion-fears

By youngian
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Gove confronts climate change and the potential collapse of British agriculture in one go
Climate change could provide English sparkling wine better than champagne

Chalky soil and unusually high temperatures could provide British consumers with English sparkling wine to rival the finest French champagne post-Brexit, Michael Gove said.

The Environment Secretary said a change in climate will see a “bumper harvest” for UK-produced sparkling wine this year, as he took part in a debate at BBC Countryfile Live in Oxford.

Mr Gove, speaking to an audience of farming and environmental experts, said the product pointed to the resilience and “joie de vivre” that can be found in Britain.

He said: “I was in East Sussex the weekend before last, talking to someone there who built a farm and turned it into a highly successful business producing English sparkling wine.

“One of the challenges – or opportunities, dare I say – of a changing climate is that chalky soil of parts of England, combined with the weather we just had, means that English sparkling wine will have a bumper harvest this year.” http://www.itv.com/news/2018-08-02/gove ... champagne/
By Abernathy
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They sell wasps in pet shops, though. My local shop had one in the window.
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