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By Bones McCoy
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Gove this morning on the telly: Vote today is definitely going ahead.

Does anybody else think Pob has been frozen out of the inner circle.

Meanwhile, Murdoch's other lackey has had a haircut.
By satnav
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Gove appears to be carefully manoeuvring himself to be in pole position in any leadership contest, in the cabinet meeting today he appears to have backed a longer extension to Brexit and put distance between himself from the Brexiteers in cabinet because he didn't join forces with the 14 cabinet ministers who were pushing for a 'no deal'. He probably realises that he needs the backing of remain Tory MPs if he wants to get into the top two in the ballot of MPs.
By Boiler
Just heard him on The World Tonight, where he was followed by Barrie Gardiner who basically said "His answers are what you'd expect from someone posturing for leadership", and then Anne-Marie Morris.

I find Barrie Gardiner's voice unsettling, but her voice really, really grates. :evil:
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