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By Big Arnold
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If Michael Gove was black, stopped and searched and caught with cocaine 20 years ago he’d be known as ‘Iron Mike Gove’ today, an unemployable, socially and economically castrated, totally stigmatised ‘criminal’ today. Chances are he’d be in and out of the system for much of his life.”
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By Timbo
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Am I alone in thinking this whole thing has been contrived to make sure he stays the leading topic of candidate-based public conversation? He's clearly the Murdoch candidate, and has an excellent knowledge of how to play the press game.
By The Red Arrow
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Sarah Vine opens her (black) heart
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By Kreuzberger
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Timbo wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:53 am
Am I alone in thinking this whole thing has been contrived to make sure he stays the leading topic of candidate-based public conversation? He's clearly the Murdoch candidate, and has an excellent knowledge of how to play the press game.
Yes, but you have to go full Machiavelli to understand what might or might not be afoot; Gove is being hung out to dry - I am not going to go in to the merits or otherwise of this - but Johnson's many admissions over the years have barely touched the sides.

Why that should be is open to speculation. Some might suggest that, if Charlie was to hole the good ship Boris, he could take a fair chunk of the Bullingdon mob with him and, by both implication and extension, a raft of other senior Cameron-era figures as well as one or several BBC types for whom, unlike their press counterparts, there is no great culture of omertà. Thing is, they are either expendable or yesterday's people. And that's pivotal.

If I was a betting man, which I am not, I would posit that there is every likelihood of a seriously nasty storm on the horizon and with Johnson at its eye.

Illegitimate children, whoring-a-plenty, scorned wives. Indeed, hell hath no fury. Paradoxically, every moment that the pressure is withheld from Johnson, the more it builds and the greater the likelihood of a game-changing deluge.

On one hand, and if that storm doesn't break, oh well, there was nothing to worry about. On the other, and if it does go Vesuvius Maximus (as Johnson might put it), he can be pilloried for a fortnight and then left to nurse the inevitable book deal, while Gove is ushered in to Number Ten.

Gove will be in the clear by then. A couple of uncorroborated lines up his beak will be seen as a minor transgression.

I am probably overthinking this. The Spain - Sweden game is a bit dull.
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By Bones McCoy
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Facts that Pob doesn't accept #37

Gove refuses to accept hate crime rose after Brexit vote despite Home Office evidence saying it did

Michael Gove, the environment secretary and Tory leadership candidate, has rejected claims that the Brexit vote has led to an increase in hate crime - even though a Home Office report says it did.

He was speaking at the Times CEO event, where he was asked by the Times columnist Rachel Sylvester if he was ashamed of the anti-immigration tone adopted by the Vote Leave campaign that he ran in 2016 with Boris Johnson. Sylvester said she had recently interviewed a chief constable who thought the Brexit process had led to an increase in hate crime. Gove replied:
I would disagree with that. One of the things that is striking is that since the referendum result attitudes towards migration in Britain have changed.
When Sylvester put it to him that hate crime had risen, Gove replied:
I would contest that too.

Attitudes towards migration have changed. We are now the country in Europe with the most positive attitude towards migration. I remember talking to Ruth Davidson just before we were both speaking at the Scottish Conservative conference. And Ruth said to me: “I’m a remainer down to my boots, but the one thing I do have to grant, Michael, is that your argument is right. If people feel they have control over migration, then their attitude towards it becomes more relaxed and liberal.

Asks a middle class white woman form a cosmopolitan remain voting area "How's that racism affecting you?"

By Bones McCoy
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Gove "not accepting that" deffo a thinbg.
I pasted the content from the Guardian's "Leadership live feed".

(Imagine having to curate that, you'd be reaching for Grandpa's Webley before the morning tea break).
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