Discussion of the UK Government
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By SoulBoy
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youngian wrote:
Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:59 am
Today’s fantasy economics: Bristol wants Brexit because there will be more cars made in the UK for their port to export

Neither does a middle aged man stuffing a pasty down followed by fish and chips make you big and clever but a fat greedy prick. Or someone who’s been snorting appetite suppressing toot for a few days.
Bristol wants Brexit?

Nationally 52% of voters opted to leave the EU. However, in Bristol there was a 61.73% vote to remain.

Nevermind, just think of all those Honda exports coming from Swindon.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Johnson has been to Mansfield. I'd have thought they ought to be reasonably confident about holding there, but maybe they have some worrying polling to hand.

A Brexiter got him to promise we won't be signing up to "their" laws. I reckon that's exactly what he's going to end up doing.
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By satnav
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I'm not so sure about Mansfield being safe for the Tories. I think Alan Meale lost the seat at the last election mainly because he had been spending too much time working on select committees rather than carrying out constituency work. Ben Bradley has made a prat of himself at times especially when he said that unemployed people should have vasectomies.
By Tubby Isaacs
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You're closer to it than me. It seemed a good fit for them, with Brexit and "stick it to North London". Then again maybe May had a blue collar resonance that Johnson doesn't.

Ben Bradley is indeed an idiot. But so are Philip Davies and David TC Davies, and they don't seem to pay any electoral price for that.
By mattomac
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Tories are campaigning in areas they have so little base remember.

Apparently my parents are yet to get a Tory leaflet in St Ives, I’ve had an independent leaflet but nothing from the Tories here in Kingston. They hold one of these seats and were incumbent in 2017 in another.

I would assume they simply don’t have the delivery apparatus in place, it is where we’ll supported MPs will win through. The more I think about it the more it feels like 2017.
By The Red Arrow
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O.k chums, let's get serious. I know nothing about about this chap, other than he's cropping up a lot in the wake of tonight's ITV Arcuri show, but his connecting the dots seems frighteningly plausible. Thoughts?
I believe we are still only scratching the surface.
By The Red Arrow
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Currently still lying about 40 hospitals on local telly (Plymouth). More bollocks about 'taking back control' of bloody fish. Interestingly, not pointing his scrotum at the interviewer as he does with nurses.
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