Discussion of the UK Government
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By youngian
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I was watching Johnson Snr on Real Marigold Hotel in Russia. Stanley’s a bit sinister underneath his easy charm. Boasting about once meeting Putin he couldn’t blow enough smoke up his arse. He then tells a Jewish woman Miriam Margoyles to stop being so stupid for saying she felt a bit uneasy being there given the country’s history. What a twat.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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He's worse than that. See also his treatment of his first wife, Charlotte Fawcett, and his womanising.
By Biggus Robbus
There's nothing wrong with being a twat after all I can live with myself.

However Johnson's dishonesty to "make his way in politics" makes him a total piece of shit.

Sadly people think of Johnson's "qualities" as "strengths". However he is a gutless wonder. Facing up to being a useless piece of garbage is always hard. However Johnson cannot even face up to his most minor failings never mind hard truths.

He's a total and utter piece of shit.

Am I being a bit soft on Boris? Maybe go in harder next time?
By youngian
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Am I being a bit soft on Boris? Maybe go in harder next time?

New contributions welcome but enjoy this thread charting his self-serving vileness and oxygen stealing. I returned to politics in 2008 specifically to campaign against ‘good ol’ Boris’ becoming London’s mayor. I was shocked how seemingly intelligent people couldn’t see through such a transparent shyster. Some people learn the hard way.
By Bones McCoy
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Waaaait a dorg-gone minute!!!

Scratchy birds.
Jumbled London Skyline.
Everything labelled.
Pod People.

It all starts to add up.
I think the so called Mister Hellmann is actually ...

Daley Mayle wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:00 pm
The MSM can't be arsed to make something of a real scandal but the Architects Journal ain't letting go.

Mister Thomas who owns the old haunted amusement park.
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