Discussion of the UK Government
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By Bones McCoy
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The anticipation has me projectile vomiting into buckets.

Newsthump starty about Johnston's "Hat in the ring" (Sounds a bit saucy Missus).

By Oblomov
cycloon wrote:
Mon May 20, 2019 3:24 pm
Who are these people?!
"Cor he's a ledg inny? Remember when the silly sod got caught on the zipwire? Wot a larf! I'd love to go fer a pint wif Bozza!"

A rough approximation of their line of thinking.
By Boiler
And sadly, that thinking is what will see him propelled into Number 10. The grandees may think, to take a quote from Lock Stock, that " 'e's a fucking liability" but as the latter part of the leadership vote goes out to the party at large he almost guarantees the Tories will be in power to 2029-2032.
By Big Arnold
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Someone described him as colourful on TV this morning as it that offsets the fact he's incompetent and a liar. What if he is prosecuted for lying during the referendum campaign? Not a good look for a serving PM.
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