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By Snowflake
You have to ask, what would it take to push those 30 odd remain Tory MP's into actually doing the honourable thing and resigning?

Because it seems that's more or less what we are pinning our hopes on now.
By youngian
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Boris Johnson: Too Many Areas In The UK Where English Is Not The First Language
Scottish and Welsh MPs have reacted with fury to the Tory leadership frontrunner's comments
Scottish and Welsh MPs who represent constituents who speak Gaelic and Welsh reacted with fury to Johnson’s “dog whistle” and “racist” comments, which belied an “imperialist” and “stupid” mindset.

Radnor by-election will be PM Johnson's first test. It doesn't matter if you don't speak Welsh or Gaelic its still a sleight on the nation by an arrogant English toff. Johnson could dig himself deeper by apologising to white Brits for catching them in the crossfire.
By Boiler
spoonman wrote:
Sat Jul 06, 2019 9:57 am
If Facebook is anything to go by, most Johnson supporters appear to struggle a bit with their own English language skills, wherever it's their first language or not.
It is remarkable that the further to the political Right you go, the worse their skills at their cherished English are isn't it?
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By Big Arnold
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Boris Johnson faces questions over ‘arguably racist’ comments

Tory frontrunner says ‘letterbox’ column was defence of women’s right to wear burqa
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... minorities
By youngian
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A lot of good stuff in that article but as Lebedev isn’t a Kremlin oligarch they are overreaching with “afraid of the actions Putin could deploy to control the business activities of his family.” I’m not convinced Putin’s dog death squad could compromise Johnson by proxy for attending parties with Shirley Bassey.
By Abernathy
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It's not a good idea to cook and serve a burger rare, because when meat is minced up for a burger, it effectively creates multiple surfaces that can each be affected by bacterial infection, substantial quantities of which make its way, untreated, into the centre of your burger, where, in a burger cooked rare, it can then wreak serious havoc on your intestines and gastric workings.

This does not happen with a steak cooked and served rare, because the bacteria on the external surfaces of the steak are killed during the cooking process, and the interior of the meat remains unaffected by any infection and is therefore safe to eat.

This is possibly the least worrying of Johnson's stupefying instances of ignorance and stupidity.
By cycloon
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The fact that someone, somewhere, buys this shit is beyond depressing.

Just think how complicated, wonderful, messy, counter intuitive, difficult, beautiful, hideous, confusing, astonishingly simple and weird the world is.

Then put on the brain of a Tory-Mailite-Johnson-Leaver and be a fucking plank.

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