Discussion of the UK Government
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Scarletstand Emma Burnell
Leadership used to be valued & cherished by Tories. Much as I disliked her, Thatcher would've visited Tottenham by now - with a broom.
I think she's right. A bit of 'Steady, the Buffs!' doesn't go amiss.
Tubby Isaacs wrote:He's on holiday. He's left us in the capable hands of Kit Malthouse.

I don't know how much good politicians do by turning up at the scenes of accidents/riots, so don't really blame him for not coming back.
Look how Merseyside has been so staunchly blue since Tarzan put in some face time on the back of Toxteth.
AOB wrote:Boris is scornful of these rioters. When it comes to mindless vandalism him and his mate David could teach these youngsters a thing or two. Bloody amateurs.
Poor show chaps.
They're not even vomitingly pissed before they smash a place up and hit a policeman.
He's talking rubbish again.

http://blogs.channel4.com/factcheck/fac ... s-row/7516" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Numbers expanded from where he cut them to.

I note the most powerful local politician in the country wants to run for office on a council tax freeze and get a handout from central government who've already put up taxes and got a deficit to worry about.
The Torygraph have now latched onto the BC/BCE "controversy" (main story here), complete with a separate comment piece by Boris:

BC or BCE? The BBC's edict on how we date events is AD (absolute drivel)
Objecting to the use of Christ's birth to mark each year is puerile political correctness, says Boris Johnson.

Read more at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/colu ... rivel.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
You know what, I just don't think this is good enough. This decision by the BBC is not only puerile and absurd. It is also deeply anti-democratic, and I urge all those who are fed up with the advance of pointless political correctness to fight back.

The BBC is almost alone in Western democracies in being a state-funded broadcaster. Even though I get most of my news from papers or the internet, I pay through the nose for the privilege of having a TV. I think the last bill was about £148. We all pay through the nose. And therefore I think we deserve to be consulted before the corporation makes a decision of immense cultural importance, a decision that affects the way we will ask our children to think about the history of our civilisation.
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