Discussion of the UK Government
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By KevS
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Can't think of any of his predecessors running away like that because they would get a hostile reaction. I've seen it pointed out that the mad old harridan Thatcher went up to a Scottish Cup Final which was an Old Firm clash.

Now, she would have known that 80,000 Glaswegians would not have exactly overjoyed to see her. See also Gideon at the Paralympics.
By Timbo
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Potentially unpopular opinion ahoy:

I think Luxembourg fucked this up. Organising the press conference in an area where a loud protest was permitted (from what I've read, about 30 feet away), who had already declared that they were intending to drown out any attempt Johnson made to speak, was clearly a setup. When No.10 requested that the conference be moved indoors instead, so that he would have a chance to actually speak, they instead sent out their own PM with an empty podium next to him. This is extremely poor diplomatic form, and is very easy to characterise as an insult to the UK, not just Johnson.

I'm also choking on my drink at the rank hypocrisy of blaming the UK for uncertainty experienced by EU citizens in the UK. Even May offered the EU a reciprocal deal in November 2016 - which was knocked back on the basis that citizens on both sides would have to wait until the whole withdrawal agreement was negotiated. Subsequent offers from the UK, including ratification of the agreed section of the withdrawal agreement relating to citizens rights, have also been rebuffed. The EU has used people on both sides as bargaining chips. Both sides need taking to the woodshed in that regard, but it really irks me in particular when an EU head of state comes out with this sort of butter-wouldn't-melt bollocks.
By Timbo
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:19 pm
As I understand it, the offers made to EU citizens in the UK fall short of exact same rights.
Fair enough on the initial offer (although that does not appear to have been the basis on which it was refused, and no counter-offer was made), but parliament recently passed an offer to ratify the section on citizens rights from the agreed withdrawal agreement. Donald Tusk knocked it back in short order. The intent of the EU on this issue is to keep it attached to everything else, regardless of the fact that meant people waiting years in limbo for everything else to be negotiated.

They've scored a PR blinder on it, though. Our own government are so incompetent that they're happily allowing themselves to be painted as the baddies on this.
By Kreuzberger
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This roasting will have been sanctioned at the highest level in Brussels and about time too. After three years of Nazi, USSR, go whistle, concentration camp guards insults, the abused partner has hit back. The Johnson mob had it coming.

Either that or Number Ten was found wanting when trying to strong arm a deal with a small town on the plains of northern Europe.
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By spoonman
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Churchill: "We shall fight them on the beaches..."

Johnson: "There's going to be a few people jeering 30 feet away? Well, fuck that!"
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By MisterMuncher
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As I understand it, there are near plausible reasons for the conference not being moved and the empty podium still being there, basically not enough space inside for all the press, and not enough time to dismantle/move/un-wire the podium.

Still though, perhaps his performances in the commons, and Varadkar sucker-gubbing him last week, and every vaguely probing interviewer has finally given Johnson the awareness that he cannot actually deal with conflicting opinions credibly. Whether simply not turning up represents an improvement remains to be seen.
By satnav
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Johnson is now saying that he is not going to reveal his new proposals at the moment because they will be instantly rejected. If he thinks they will be instantly rejected now why does he think they will suddenly be more acceptable in a months time?
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By spoonman
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Johnson could learn a trick or two from nearly every NI political party when the leader or other high ranking party officer is speaking to the press behind a podium or microphone - have at least half a dozen of your fellow party heavies standing close behind you, all of them nodding their heads like a novelty dog in the back window of a car on occasions as you speak. They've been at it for years at Stormont (at least when MLAs check in for work) . IIRC the DUP started doing this "gang" backdrop in Westminster after the 2017 General Election when the English based media started looking for their attention, and for journalists not used to seeing it happen across the Irish Sea, it spooked a number of them out at first.
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