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By Boiler
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:25 pm
I can't keep up. Is this the sign of a genius thinker, or a load of bollocks that he learned at the taxpayers' expense?
How did he learn this at the taxpayer's expense if he went to Eton?
By spoonman
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I suspect that events in Iraq yesterday evening, especially with him (like the US Congress) having no prior word of this planned attack, might well bring Johnson back down to earth very quickly in having to deal with a major geopolitical crises. There seems to be no public appetite for sending "our boys" back into the Middle East to be proxy fighters for Trump, yet it is also painfully obvious that they, the government, will want **that** trade deal post-Brexit and will be told to get in line or forget even getting a whiff of negotiations. Not surprising ATM that he's made no statement as I'd say him & Cummings are wondering WTF to do - we have an intermediate statement from Raab "calling for calm" presumably to buy some time before deciding what to come out with in public later.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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If this is true it'll be interesting how the tabloids react. The Mail and especially The Sun in their editorials are constantly going ape shit about their 'press freedom'. They'd likely be safe, though, with the rivals being the ones effected, and their principles on press freedom will be flung out the window.
By Boiler
Meanwhile (although IMO he's correct) there's been another Zaghari-Ratcliffe moment.


At PMQs he's keeping the NHS lies up: I've turned it off as I won't waste both electricity and the CRT's cathodes on that bag of shite.
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