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By Bones McCoy
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spoonman wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:57 pm
Try selling dozens of wind turbines to the NIMBYs in the shires.

Enter stage right, James Dellingpole...
Never a better candidate for "pursued by a bear".

https://www.shakespearesglobe.com/disco ... by-a-bear/
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By Cyclist
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:14 pm
UK can be 'Saudi Arabia of wind power' - PM
By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website
Quite extraordinary potential we have for wind.
You got that right, Alex.
Can one assume Harwich, Felixstowe, and Wells-next-the-Sea will be chock-a-block with supertankers filling up with crude electricity for export?
By Oblomov
Will The Express lead with a wilful misinterpretation of Bozza's statement to mean that he'll now be establishing Sharia Law here?
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By Andy McDandy
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I'd love it if they did, but they won't.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed how short a jump it is from "The Saudis have got the right idea, chop their hands off (and the heads on the gays), and get the women drivers off the roads" to "The lefties want to bring in that Sharia law here, that's it, get a pitchfork!"? Often by the same people.
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By Oblomov
Paul Golding probably harbours a secret begrudging respect for wahabist imams because they actually have influence to spread the authoritarian "justice" that he craves so much.
By The Red Arrow
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:20 pm
Really hate opposition, because entitlement.
Know they are talking bollocks, think the voters are stupid.
Can't answer if they're challenged, policies are designed to maintain their privilege and they daren't say so.
By Cyclist
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:51 am
... has everyone given up expecting him to be consistent?
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By satnav
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My heart bleeds.

Who'll bail out Boris? Johnson has taken a vast pay cut to be PM, his ex-wife Marina Wheeler is 'cleaning him out' in expensive divorce, he's unable to afford a nanny - and is forced to pay for every No10 meal himself

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... ut-PM.html
With something resembling a genial grunt, the Prime Minister urged his guests to tuck into lunch, Oxfordshire beef fillet with crispy shin, baby leeks and a rich gravy with the promise of marmalade bread and butter pudding to follow.

'Enjoy it,' he said before bellowing down the long dining table at Chequers: 'Eat every scrap. I have to pay for this you know!' For once Boris Johnson was not joking.

Every time he entertains friends rather than official guests at his country residence or in his Downing Street flat, he is presented with a bill.
Welcome to the real world Boris.
A cripplingly expensive divorce from his second wife, said to have left him 'cleaned out'; the cost of supporting at least four of his six children; and a substantial drop in income, possibly as much as two-thirds, as a result of becoming Prime Minister — all of these have contributed to what have been described as his 'dark moods'.

'He worries about money and complains all the time that he doesn't have enough,' says a friend.
I can't believe the sacrifices that Boris is prepared to make just to serve his country.
While he pays no rent on the flat, it is regarded as a benefit in kind and there is a liability for heating, lighting, repairs, redecoration and furnishings on which tax is charged. It is thought this costs Boris just over £7,000 a year.
Given that many people in London pay over £7000 a month in rent I don't think he will get much sympathy.
He has to support Carrie, who is not working, as well as some of his older children, including Theo, his youngest son with Marina, who is at Cambridge University.

At the same time he is providing for his daughter Stephanie, who was born in 2009 and is the product of an affair with art adviser Helen Macintyre.
Interesting turn of phrase there 'the product of an affair'

I find this claim by Andrew Pierce a bit hard to believe.
Unlike his predecessor Theresa May, whose banker husband Philip was highly paid, and David Cameron who was well off through marriage and family connections, Boris has no other income to fall back on.
Surely there is nothing stopping him from writing books and articles while he is PM as well as accepting advances on books he will write when he steps down. Pierce then ends the article with this gem.
Of course, if he were to stand down as Prime Minister his money problems would be solved at a stroke . . .
By youngian
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According to MP Conor Burns without irony, the public don’t see the real Boris. He’s a man who’s up at 5am reading the papers online. I know a Boris who can’t plan more than one step ahead, always borrowing from Peter to pay Paul even when he’s in the money, no sense of magnitude with figures or time keeping. He also gets up at 5am as he’s a carp fisherman. As well as an alcoholic and a coke head.
By Bones McCoy
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That description sounds like the Conservatives description of a "Deadbeat".
Can't pay his way, always free with other people's money and can't even support all his kids.
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By Watchman
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I'm sure the Barclay Brothers don't see him going short for all the policy decisions he issues via The Telegraph.
Plus he must have saved some of his previous "chickenfeed" for a rainy day, you know like the landed gentry are always saying thats what us plebs should do
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