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By mojojojo
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Fox is going to claim he's been cleared of financial gain.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011 ... erial-code

Has he fuck. He's a liar. How do we know what he might have been promised in the long term? Or that there isn't money in an account somewhere? He's not as clever as he thinks he is, clearly. But he's not stupid enough to have had money paid into his main current account.

An enquiry lasting 4 days by a civil servant doesn't "clear" anyone. It merely doesn't find evidence of wrongdoing.

Precisely. Does anyone really believe that the second that he leaves Parliament he won't be straight onto lucrative contracts with arms companies that he's been helpful to? See Lansley with private health providers too - he just doesn't have a friend to embarrass him.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Lord Butler on now. Acting all wise. He became master of my old college. He stood at the door to greet us as we went in to the drinks party. He was looking past me as he shook my hand.

He apparently reckons lobbying's fine as long as there's no personal gain. So if some Dorries-like group get their feet in the door, it's OK if they don't make any money from fucking up abortion laws?
By Abernathy
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For me, the most notable thing about the Fox/Werrity debacle is how it neatly encapsulated the Tories' entire purpose in seeking to govern. It is, in short, to be in a position to enable themselves and their friends in private enterprise to benefit to the maximum possible advantage from their governmental positions and the concomitant power to shape public affairs to precisely that end. Lansley's NHS re-vamp is also even more transparently part of that agenda - designed almost solely to enable the Tories' rich friends to turn handsome profits from lucrative NHS commissions.

'Twas ever thus, and 'twill get thusser - particularly while there are orange book Cleggs and Alexanders determined to aid and abet the Tories in fucking the least well off off over for their friends' profit.

It will continue until people wake up to it - but the Mail et al continue to dupe legions of brainless simpletons into thinking that the Tories have the country's best interests altruistically at heart.

I'm off for a nice lie-down, now.
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