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By Tubby Isaacs
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The 4 year sentence for people failing to incite a riot on Facebook has not been cut on appeal.

The unfortunate men must be wishing that Sir Gus had been judging their case.

"The men broke the internet code, but there is no evidence anything at all happened. They are therefore free to go, but not allowed on Facebook any more"
By satnav
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Isn't it amazing how Cameron yet again knew nothing about wrong doing that was happening on his watch? According to a story in the Mail on Saturday Cameron got a senior member of his to check out members of the shadow cabinet to try and ensure they didn't have any skeletons in their closets. All the shadow cabinet co-operated in the exercise apart from Fox. Cameron was worried about upsetting the right wing of the party so did nothing about it. He then gave Fox an extremely sensitive job in government knowing that he had sought to block any checks into his background and contacts.
By Winegums
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What a dick. Is this "you think we're bad? You're one to talk, your lot did X, Y, Z" a Tory thing, a politics thing, or what? I'm a bit too young to remember the '97 election, but did Labour ride that excuse for months after they won, as certain Conservatives have (I don't think Warsi has managed a TV appearance before blaming inadequacy on something inherited from labour).

And yes, generally huge degrees of question dodging. I can't decide if it's ignorance or malice that has allowed so much dodgy activity to go on in the Tory party under Cameron's watch (perhaps a mixture of the two). If a reputable source were to come to the same conclusion as the mail, I'd be inclined to believe what they've said.
By Tubby Isaacs
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The Tories "we were better than you" argument rests largely on the fact n-one can remember when they were in government.

Here's the sort of high standards they reached:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Tred ... politician)


By mattomac
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Not forgetting Neil Hamilton who is now apparently helping out UKIP.

I've noticed Cameron rarely faces directly at the opposition. I thought it was something to do with being leader but he did it a hell of alot in opposition too.

Another terrible performance by Cameron today mind, that's twice in a row now.
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