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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Red Arrow wrote:It's breathtaking, isn't it?

Are we just supposed to believe whatever or lizard overlords tell us, because they are the elite and we are the plebs and it's part of knowing our place? It seems to me to be the case.

But then we see every day people who are prepared to believe all sorts of rubbish (like Liz Jones being real) and it's the stock in trade of politicians to lie like this. Genuine scepticism and critical thinking are pretty rare commodities.
By new puritan
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The Prime Minister could use a mini-reshuffle in the spring to rehabilitate Dr Fox, who resigned as defence secretary in October 2011 over his links to his unofficial adviser and best man, Adam Werritty.

Some of Mr Cameron’s closest aides want Dr Fox to return as chief whip in a move that would be popular with the Tory Right and would give him the authority to act against any evidence of plotting against Mr Cameron.

Supporters of the former Cabinet minister say he has behaved with loyalty to the Government since his resignation. He has remained close to leading Conservative ministers including George Osborne, the Chancellor, and Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, both of whom, it is understood, would welcome his return to the Cabinet.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/9844462 ... tters.html

Absolutely incredible. First the fraudster Laws, now this cunt. No shame whatsoever. This shower of shit make New Labour at its worst look like a model of probity.
By Messianic Trees
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He's back in the news today, and calling "for the chancellor to drop protected spending for schools, aid and the NHS."
In a speech on the economy to the Institute of Economic Affairs on Monday, the former defence secretary will also urge a wholesale rethink of earnings and savings taxation, including a capital gains tax holiday, to breathe life into the ailing economy.
By new puritan
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The language of our economic debate has become skewed towards a socialist view of the world – tax cuts are labelled as ‘cash handouts’ from the Government when they are really just letting you keep your own money; cuts to allowances or benefit entitlements are labelled as ‘taxes’ and yet they take nothing that you already have. The underlying premise is that all money is ‘public money’ when actually, there is no such thing. There is only taxpayers’ money and Government should keep its greedy hands off it.

Pure, unadulterated, grade-A bullshit. The only thing propping up the whole rotten edifice of capitalism is state and central bank intervention. Why do these people think public spending has been so high since 2008? Because the private sector is fucked and leveraged up to the gills - it's in no position to drive a recovery and just peddling Thatcherite homilies about 'getting government out of the way' in no way reflects the reality of the situation. He also repeats the fallacy that government spending is financed solely from taxation. Quite clearly, it isn't.

Imagine having this callous wanker as your GP. Jesus Christ.
By new puritan
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It is unacceptable that wages in the public sector should be rising twice as fast as in the private sector

Don't you just love it when Tories pretend to give a fuck about private sector workers? I've said it before and I'll say it again - anybody who is seriously concerned about low pay would support the extension of collective bargaining to more workplaces. Anything else is just flannel.
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