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When will he resign?

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By bluebellnutter
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The good Doctor has been out and about speeking his branes this morning.


And picking up the baton from Loathsome
Esther Webber‏

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: "Some elements of our media would rather see Britain fail than Brexit succeed"
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By Big Arnold
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INTERNATIONAL trade secretary Liam Fox has complained that UK businesses are ‘ignoring the opportunities’ offered by the meteor set to impact central London in 2019.
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By youngian
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Another Remoaner undermines our chaps batting for Britain
The former top civil servant at the Treasury has told Liam Fox to “get a grip” after he complained that the EU was trying to “blackmail” Britain.

Nick Macpherson, who served as permanent secretary at the Treasury from 2005 until last year, tweeted that Dr Fox’s remarks were “the perpetual cry of the smaller negotiator with the weaker hand”.

Since leaving the civil service the crossbench peer has been an outspoken critic of the Government's position on Brexit, suggesting in a tweet last month that the UK was “staring into the abyss” and could benefit from “personnel change” in government. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/fo ... grip-after" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Messianic Trees
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Speaking now on Brexit and international trade:

OK. It's time for some optimism.
The naysayers got it wrong – and doesn't it annoy you when people preface any piece of good news with the phrase "despite Brexit". Well, doesn't it?

So let's just have a reality check.

We have the highest number of people in employment ever, "despite Brexit".

Last year we had the highest inward investment to the UK ever, creating over 75,000 new jobs and safeguarding over 32,000 others, "despite Brexit".

We have new cars being built in Sunderland and Cowley, amongst the highest economic growth rates in the developed world, an 11% rise in exports and the best order books for British manufacturers in 22 years.

No, not despite Brexit but because of the sound economic management of a Conservative government under the leadership of our prime minister, Theresa May and chancellor, Phillip Hammond.
By Bones McCoy
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D.C. Harrison wrote:"Highest number" is an interesting choice of words, isn't it? Bit different from "highest percentage of the workforce in employment".
And interesting to reflect whether waiting 2 weeks for the next gig is really the same thing as in work.
By Bones McCoy
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Arnold wrote:
Liam Fox ridiculed for being only member of new UK board of trade

https://www.theguardian.com/business/20 ... d-of-trade" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
That's cos its the board of rough trade.
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