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When will he resign?

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By Cyclist
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This has appeared in Another Place I frequent:
A Google search for "Liam Fox porn" returns no results. There is a God.

(Rule 35 states that this won't last long, so enjoy the last few days of civilisation while you can)
Which raises the question WHY WERE YOU SEARCHING FOR THAT?!!!! :shock:
By Messianic Trees
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Liam Fox slams the EU for tackling the Brexit talks like a 'gang' and calls on Brussels to cool its approach and strike a deal
Trade Secretary said the EU should not be talking of 'punishing' Britain for Brexit
In a speech to British Chambers of Commerce, Fox said it meant a bright future
Intervention comes after Brussels repeated warnings Brexit will hurt trade

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -gang.html
By The Red Arrow
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What? Couldn't he bring a friend? :wink:
By bluebellnutter
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EU talks with Australia and New Zealand deal blow to UK free trade plans

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... mmonwealth
The EU has leapt ahead of the UK in the pursuit of free trade deals with Australia and New Zealand after member states gave the green light for talks to start within weeks.

With Theresa May insistent that leaving the EU will involve exiting the customs union and the bloc’s external commercial policy, the announcement from Brussels opens up the possibility that the EU could enjoy better terms with the two Commonwealth nations after Brexit than the UK will.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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"I'll sing you a song of Liam T Fox
And the wonderful things he has done

Apologies to Tom Paxton
By bluebellnutter
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He's the easiest target as May can just say "and what are these trade deals we're ready to sign on 30th March 2019?". He'd have no option but to say "oh, well, we haven't got any" ar which point firing him becomes straightforward. I also doubt he's one who'll command any sort of upswell of support on the backbenches.

The first of the gang to die.
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By KevS
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The Sunday Times is reporting tomorrow that the Duke of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh all didn't want anything to do with Trump, hence why Her Maj was on her own. Presumably Fox thinks they're an embarrassment too?

Although, imagine being so much of an unlikeable offensive loudmouthed nob that Prince Philip wants to avoid you?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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He's a knob. Prince Philip is a nob. Though he has form for being a knob as well. The Prince of Wales is an inoffensive nob, as, theoretically, is Brenda.
By Andy McDandy
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Apparently he reveals to Pierced Moron the Queen's views on the EU in an interview. What's the betting that they chime spectacularly with his own, and isn't it convenient that the palace don't comment or sue.
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