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When will he resign?

Sunday (today)
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Monday (tomorrow)
By satnav
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Abernathy wrote:Fox has now broken the iron rule of political scandal - that if you're still the story after more than two days, you're toast.

Dead man walking.
I agree. I think if he doesn't go tomorrow the story will dominate the news over the weekend. Ministers will be grilled about it all weekend and the Sunday papers will have shed loads more on the story. But then again may be Cameron may prefer this story to be making the news rather than economic issues or stories about NHS reform.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I thought he'd survive till about today.

Nick Robinson is on now boring for Britain, saying it's the first enforced resignation of the coalition government- mysteriously forgetting David Laws.

He hasn't raised the possibility that Cameron may well have known all about Werrity and all.
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