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By Andy McDandy
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I saw a quote by some senior military man, who said "I'm all for British values, in particular the one about not swearing oaths of loyalty".

Good for him. I sometimes think that the people in the UK who seem to be fervently praying for a military dictatorship don't realise a) what it would involve, and b) that the actual military do and want no part of it.
By mr angry manchester
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What an unbelievably shit country this is. People go on about democracy, but when people democratically vote to go on strike, the far right media demonise them.

Instead of looking at why they have voted to strike, and give up a days pay, its just the same old shit about union power.

Do they ever bother to even think that people are being squeezed by wage stagnation, rising costs, unaffordable housing, having things imposed upon them?

No, do they bollocks, they just abuse them. Its a consequence of a horrible extreme right wing government actively trying to make peoples lives worse


On the topic of military dictatorship, I always seriously thought Thatcher aspired to be one
By bluebellnutter
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Messianic Trees wrote:Once again, it falls to a strong woman Prime Minister to show the unions don't run Britain, writes IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
With his left hand.
By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:And whats this "oath of allegiance" bollocks that's doing the rounds about public sector workers?

Sounds a bit Third Reich-ish on the face of it
The logic appears to be that if the binmen swear allegiance to a vague set of values, then the violent radical islamists will see the error of their ways and start watching Strictly.

It remains for any of the advocates f the policy to spell out how it will be implemented, or how we'll reap the benefits.
I suspect - like the Royal Yacht kite flying and other poppy bollocks - it's an elaborate and expensive Corbyn trap.
By PaulOnBooks
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Iain Duncan Smith’s Supreme Court Brexit Ruling Response Rubbished By Secret Barrister

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/i ... 4bb304ccce" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;?

IDS manages to be even more stupid than usual. Honestly, I'm not exaggerating.

Secret Barrister's blog is always entertaining: https://thesecretbarrister.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By bluebellnutter
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Hang on, I know it was a while since I did my Law AS-level, and my teacher wasn't very good (Polish, bloody foreigners), but I'm pretty sure courts don't just self-appoint and then make the law, there is an element of quality control which takes place?
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