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By davidjay
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Does it ever occur to these people that if the thought of 20 years in prison is no deterrent, being beaten won't be either? Yet again I'm at a loss to understand the mentality that believes a few days of pain is worse than a coupe of decades inside.
By Watchman
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Big Arnold wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:06 pm
At least their kids aren't being stabbed to death': Iain Duncan Smith says the punishment handed down to British public schoolboy in Singapore is reprehensible - but people are safer on the streets there than in Britain

Singapore's brutal flogging punishments might seem archaic to Britons. *
* Not to Mailites obviously.
British defender, sandhurst, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

I'm sorry but what Singapore does isn't barbaric by any means, it's fit punishment for crimes. Only because we have idiotic snowflakes governing our country with no punishment fit for purpose that we have the problems we have today. It's time to get very tough on all crime and immigration abuses.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... there.html
Not just crime, but immigration abuses, wonder what exactly is meant by that
By cycloon
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Of course, the actual effectiveness of these things is unexamined.

The most telling thing being advocacy of capital punishment vs complete lack of examination of its actual effectiveness in reducing crime. See aslo Trump's wall: why is that effective beyond being an obvious physical barrier? Why is that the solution? Cos it's easy to grasp, not because it's actually necessarily effective.

See also current knife-crime etc stats being not out of the average. From a state POV all deaths are to be regretted and mourned, of course, but there's a definite story about that somehow we're living in egregiously violent times - and, of course, state violence is never included in such calculations, such as they are.
By spoonman
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Ah, Singapore. A one party authoritarian city-state masquerading as a democracy where public dissent is not tolerated (either through needing permission or being sued into oblivion), giving an image of a modern financial centre with very low crime when loads of ill-gotten gains around South East Asia channel through it, and survives on imported labour from Malaysia (especially), India & the Philippines as they'll gladly work for low wages and not be subject to military service requirements that local men are.

It's not a surprise that the likes of Duncan Smith hears Singapore and likely gets a semi. Many gammonites hearing about Singapore's criminal justice system would also get more flush in the face - at least until they find out about the significant amount of legal rights women have (including retroactively withdrawing consent from intercourse if they simply regretted it), the sky high cost of running a car, or the ease foreigners can obtain citizenship. Not to mention why Singapore doesn't have its nickname of "fine city" for nothing. It's a decent place to transit through at Chang Airport, but I certainly wouldn't want to live there, it just seems so soul crushing.
By MisterMuncher
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Mate of mine lived there for a while. He never quite for over having his chewing gum confiscated in the airport, then checking into his digs, and seeing a neon sign across the way advertising "Four Floors of Whores". The cops also had some major issues with the immigrant-centric GAA club, specifically them carrying camans. In short, he preferred living in Jordan, and he fucking hated Jordan.
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By satnav
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I really don't understand why the BBC persist with using Iain Duncan Smith on discussion shows, he was totally useless as the Tory Party leader, his time at the DWP saw thousands of sick and disabled people die prematurely and he has zero experience in relation to economic or trade policy.

I can only assume that just like Toby Young that he his very cheap and always available.
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