Discussion of the UK Government
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By KevS
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See, although I wouldn't have agreed with it at all, I can sort of understand the logic if Farage had got one. There's about to be a great change in the history of the UK, and he is one of the architects.

Admittedly the change is going to probably fuck up the nation, but you can't have everything.

IDS though has done fuck all in public life apart from being a long serving MP and a worst opposition leader than Corbyn.

And on the bright side, STILL nothing for Dacre! :lol:
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By MisterMuncher
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Filtered through Boris/gentry-end Tory sensibilities, it might make more sense. "Look, oiks. Pretend to be one of us for long enough, lie profusely about your past and eventually, we'll throw you a bone".
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By mr angry manchester
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Of all the tories, Duncan Smith is probably the one I detest most of all. He's a pompous, obnoxious grotesque individual who has been incompetent in everything he's done. In any other walk of life he would have been fucked off into oblivion years ago.

Fits in with how bad everything is going, let's get used to Boris s brownshirts Jack booting their way through immigrant communities, beating up anyone talking forrin.

Welcome to Germany 1933 folks
By Boiler
KevS wrote:
Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:59 pm
There's a petition going round to withdraw the knighthood.

Because that'll work.
See also: every other online petition. Online petitions are neither worth the space they take up on a server or the electricity they waste.
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By Kreuzberger
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They don't achieve anything in themselves but they do provide both a focal point and a barometer for opinion. That can only be a good thing.
By Kreuzberger
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I was of that view when I first read your thoughts. Then I reconsidered.

The thing that petitions create is a social, decentralised parish pump. They are the discussion point around which so many different views can coalesce across however many social media platforms and which can bring people on to the streets. The PV march in the autumn was a case in point.

Of course, north of a million on the streets of London resulted in the thick end of zip, but that is not to say that the next head of steam will also fizzle out with a whimper of face-painted impotence.

When public opinion gathers a head of unassailable head of steam, there are two words that should strike fear in to the hearts of anyone in Westminster, despite a thundering majority. Trafalgar. Square.

Yes, the vast majority of petitions will fizzle out but, remember, we only have to get lucky once.
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