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By Cyclist
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Dana wrote:She is driving around in a "battlebus", I wish I could post a photo of it here. It's a blue 4x4 with NADINE written across it in huge letters, then above the windows "A proven track record of achievement" )
How long has she had that? I live a 5-minute walk from her constituency office and haven't seen it yet.
"A proven track record of achievement"
What? Did she win "I'm a celebrity" then?

Oh. Of course. She managed to prevent those nasty parliamentary expenses oversight-type people from killing her dog :roll:

Apart from being elected in the first place* what else has she achieved?

*Being elected Tory MP in a constituency where the local party could put up a road-kill badger and have it returned to parliament is no great achievement IMO
By Abernathy
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The Red Arrow wrote:Guess who's crawled out of the woodwork...

First Tory MP says it: ‘Cameron must resign if he loses EU referendum’
Tuesday 23 February 15:17

http://politicalscrapbook.net/2016/02/f ... eferendum/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

You've no idea how satisfying it was to open the link and discover that it was precisely who I was thinking it was before doing so.

See if you get it right too, Mailwatch chums.

Whops. ETA I only just noticed this is in the Nadine Dorries thread. Honest, I never even noticed.
By satnav
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Could this spell the end for twitter as we know it.

Nadine Dorries MP quits Twitter to stop sickening trolls from destroying her

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne ... ageandlink
MP NADINE Dorries has quit Twitter to end a 10-year tirade of abuse from “sinister” trolls who threaten her daily.

The Tory has told of her frightening encounters with obsessive online stalkers who make her fear for her daughters' safety – and force her to read how they think her dogs should die.

Today she has pledged to make a “modest exit” from Twitter to put an end to the cruel taunts.
Apparently she thinks most of her stalkers are just jealous because she is now a best selling author!
By spoonman
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Here's A Leaked WhatsApp Chat Showing Tory Leavers' Confusion About One Of Their Key Brexit Demands

WhatsApp messages seen by BuzzFeed News show Nadine Dorries saying she'd been talking with a politics teacher about Brexit and didn't know enough about the trading relationships of the customs union's members to argue the point.
https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexspence/her ... .rb5AZPRZG

As Malcolm would say, TAPS.
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