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By SoulBoy
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It's time for the Major of London to act on hashtag Telford and hashtag Rotherham? That is his hashtag Priority? Perhaps she has mistaken him for the current or previous Home Secretary.
By The Red Arrow
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bluebellnutter wrote:This Telford thing seems to have become a far right meme in recent days but I profess to almost total ignorance of what it is. Any clues?
Telford abuse: Victim numbers 'sensationalised' says police chief

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sh ... e-43385515
By MisterMuncher
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It's important not to overlook the intrinsic racism/sectarianism in this line of thinking. Others are collectively responsible and culpable, default PLU are individually so, and there's a deep well of "I utterly condemn the actions of *white guy* but at the same time can see how they were alienated and marginalised by the PeeCees" to be drawn from.
By bluebellnutter
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Would be terrible if someone were to take a copy of that and post it to everyone in her constituency, wouldn't it. Must be plenty living there earning less than her, who she regards as some form of untermensch.
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