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By The Red Arrow
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Labour urges wider standards inquiry into Baroness Warsi

Labour has asked David Cameron's adviser on the ministerial code to widen his investigation into Tory co-chairman Baroness Warsi.

Labour MP Michael Dugher has written to Sir Alex, asking him to also consider claims made in The Sunday Telegraph that Lady Warsi may have paid for potential business clients to attend a lunch with the prime minister.

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By Malcolm Armsteen
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From the Torygraph
She personally paid for potential customers, one of whom was in negotiations over a deal with her firm, to attend a Conservative Party lunch with the Prime Minister last month.
Lady Warsi paid a total of £5,000 for two tables at the event. Guests on one table included her parents, sisters, and others involved in the family’s Dewsbury-based bed manufacturing business.
She “hosted” another table, made up of clients and staff from “Rupert’s Recipes”, although she sat on the VIP table.
However the disclosure that she apparently used a political function to promote her business appears to breach clause one of the Ministerial Code, which states: “Ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or appears to arise, between their public duties and their private interests.”
A Conservative Party spokesman said of the Savoy reception: “This was a party event organised by the Conservative Friends of Pakistan to reach out to potential supporters within the British Pakistani community.

Looks like it was one of those £5000-a-plate fundraiser deals, and she was sweetening a customer. Dodgy, possibly against the Ministerial Code, but not illegal afaik.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Has she been cleared? This seems to refer to a single trip, which was never being seriously touted as a misdemeanour anyway. There's still the matter of falsely claiming expenses and other trips. Perhaps the government hope that people will think she's been cleared of everything and they can now quietly drop it.
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