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By bluebellnutter
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At the Labour launch Jeremy Corbyn welcomes the U-turn. He says that if George Osborne is now doing something useful with his life, that is to be welcomed.
Credit to Jez, that's a nifty little burn and I hope Gideon has some cold water for it.
By mr angry manchester
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Strange thing about Gideon is that I thought he was a twat, but in comparison to this rabble running the show now, he seems almost sensible, with his being in favour of remain.

Another thing, he's standing down as my MP and we are getting Esther bloody McVey instead. From bad to appalling.
By youngian
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May's attempts to finance social care are ham-fisted but at least has turned her attention to it despite the obvious political cost. Osborne's budgets were about political strategising and those that don't vote and certainly not for him were a target for his war on benefit scroungers. A despicable character who miserable lives even more miserable.
By Bones McCoy
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mattomac wrote:Gideon was an appalling chancellor but ironically in the shower of shit makes a pretty good newspaper editor... who would have thunk it.
Or: Politics' loss was also journalism's loss.

I occasionally honour Sun Tzu by dipping in to Conservative home.
This article appears to get out to bury Gideon, but ends up praising him.

http://www.conservativehome.com/highlig ... y-may.html

I wouldn't give May long based on what I'm seeing.
By youngian
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George Osborne is now an honorary professor of economics at Manchester University
https://www.rt.com/uk/394599-george-osb ... niversity/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Osborne is also an adviser to investment management firm BlackRock, chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, a fellow at US think tank the McCain Institute, and a speaker for the Washington Speakers Bureau, for which he makes lucrative after-dinner speeches around the world.

One colleague told the Financial Times the appointment was a “coup” for the university. They added, perhaps somewhat sarcastically, that Osborne will “relish” teaching austerity to angry young supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Especially as he's not an economist but a political strategist.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is a long but interesting read.

I don't think he's going to be reining-in his attacks on May anytime soon. Good. He's become quite useful.

Osborne won't rest until May "is chopped up in bags in my freezer".

George Osborne's Revenge
http://www.esquire.co.uk/culture/longfo ... e-revenge/
No one saw it coming: in March, to the shock of his friends, the horror of his enemies and the dismay of many observers, especially in the press, George Osborne — abruptly sacked as chancellor of the exchequer by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, in the wake of Brexit — was appointed editor of the London Evening Standard. Since then, the novice journalist has turned his newspaper into a powerful stick with which to beat May and her government, and told his allies that he wants her 'chopped up in bags in my freezer'. He has also made the Standard a must-read for political junkies, for the first time in years. What does Osborne hope to achieve? Is he only out for revenge? Or does he still believe that one day, with his Tory foes put to the sword and his Labour opponents dispatched, he might have another shot at Number 10?
By Big Arnold
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George Osborne wants money to fight the poverty he caused? He has no shame
Polly Toynbee
But you may recall that George Osborne is the Standard’s editor, who pleads in his editorial: “It is dispiriting that in a prosperous civilized capital so many children do not eat decent, nutritious meals.” How right he is. Indeed, you might say this can’t possibly be a “civilized” city where so many half-starve.
https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... chancellor" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Big Arnold
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George Osborne: 2019 election is 'under-reported likelihood'

Tackled over his political legacy, Osborne denied that his austerity policies were behind a rise in homelessness and poverty, insisting that people were more likely to stop him in the street to take issue with hikes to VAT and stamp duty and getting rid of tax breaks for “non-domicile” residents - before quickly adding that that was what he “got from people in wealthy Kensington”, where the Evening Standard’s offices are located.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... likelihood
By Boiler
He is being replaced by Emily Sheffield, who is a columnist on the newspaper, BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan confirmed.
Emily Sheffield is Samantha Cameron's sister.
By Oblomov
650k consulting salary eh? I wonder how much of that he pays in tax.
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