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By youngian
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hel wrote:The other day he tweeted, "Why isn't it called a suck job?"
Does anybody else think it's a little bit weird when politicians post things like that?
That a Tory MP thinks 30+ yr old stand up's observational gag ('coos the missus always does the opposite') is an original witty comment? no.
By new puritan
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MisterMuncher wrote:The oily little cunt takes to Twitter this morning to describe the murder of unarmed civilians in Belfast by British Army groups as "using terror to fight terror". So that's fine, then.
Just seen that. There are no depths to which these people won't plunge.
By new puritan
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I shouldn't be surprised but even so, it's just fucking depressing to see people defending this. "But the IRA blew up shopping centres!" Well fucking hell, doesn't Britain like to pretend it's above all that?
By Andy McDandy
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Bit flippant but I remember Jason Manford on that: "We [the people of Manchester] didn't mind much. Nobody was killed and we got a new M&S".
By PaulOnBooks
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Just noticed a Telegraph editorial:
No provocation can serve as an excuse for any member of the Armed Forces to take the law into their own hands
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/tele ... field.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I doubt if Fabricant reads anything but the comics though.

Best twisted reasoning comment (posted by panzergeneral no less):
The Geneva Convention applies to a war. Have we declared war on the Taliban? I must have missed it. We are just protecting a small area of a foreign country - at great expense to our service men and women. The severely wounded Taliban would have died anyway, so it was just another form of euthanasia. Marine A should be congratulated - another murdering terrorist gone to his maker in the sky. Finally if the DT believes this soldier should serve life - what about Bliar, Broon and the other cabal of crooked cronies. They started this, and if Marine A is punished - so should they be. The DT were all for the Iraq and Afghanistan intervention, are they culpable too?
By MisterMuncher
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I really think these cases and that of Marine A have helped demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that there's something inherently broken in the thinking of a great deal of our soldier-lickers. They really do see war as a football match, a question of keeping score, and when it comes to who gets killed, near enough is always, always good enough for the "enemy".

I only wish I could find the origin of this great failure of thought.
By Andy McDandy
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It's "My country right or wrong" taken to the Xth level. Missing the point that increasingly (and especially for the power brokers) the concept of national boundaries is going out of fashion. Finance, business, entertainment and culture, communications, friendship networks, even to a degree law (think libel actions) know no (or at least very few) boundaries.
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