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By Oblomov
mattomac wrote:
Fri May 29, 2020 12:19 am
What an imbecile....

Track and Trace to be launched by June the 1st, well not the app or anything new.
Seen a rumour on that there internet that one of the contact tracers will be whistleblowing tonight how completely ill prepared the system and users of it are for starting next Monday.
By satnav
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I've just watched Hancock's performance at this afternoon's briefing he was absolutely appalling. After making an opening statement about how 'Black lives matter' he then went on to show that he uses slogans in the same way as he uses his bloody badges. Two journalists asked him why today's report on Covid and BAME communities didn't contain any clearly recommendations and in response he just waffled on about how you can't rushed these things.

Both Hancock and Newton were utterly tone deaf in their responses. Newton seemed to particularly worried that people might think that the NHS was in some way institutionally racist.
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