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By Boiler
Asked on BBC Breakfast whether the UK would follow France and introduce masks in workplaces, Mr Hancock said it was not being considered.

"And the reason is that the evidence from NHS Test and Trace for where people catch the disease is that, very largely, they catch it from one household meeting another household, usually in one of their homes.

"And so it's that household transmission that is the core root of passing on this virus in this country.

"The amount of people who have caught it in workplaces is relatively low, we think, from the evidence we've got."
Eh? Where's that dozy twat been living this last month or two? Sandwich factories, meat processing plants anyone?
By Andy McDandy
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Correlation is not causation...

The virus works on proximity, not building function...it careth not what furnishings thou hast.

Fuck me ragged.
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By KevS
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Oh my goodness. Kay Burley absolutely tearing him to shreds this morning. There's a barely concealed contempt underlying her questions. Watch it if you can, especially when they get to the subject of Tony Abbott....

Expect demands from the dim to cancel the Sky News licence fee. Until they realise.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Couldn't load your Yweet, so I've posted it again. She really does go for him, and he is utterly useless. Sent out once again as Johnson and Cumming's cannon fodder.

By KevS
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Ideally after that answer, Ms Burley should have done a Harry Hill style glance at the camera, although her spluttering double take was pretty good.

Because we were all doing the same.
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