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By Kreuzberger
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Barely a couple of months ago, these were "low value people". Never forget, never forgive.

Speaking of which, remember the alarm clock fiasco?
By The Red Arrow
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He's actually politically awakened a few of my Farcebook chums who are currently pouring verbal buckets of shit over him. Up until now, it's been footie, music, pissed selfies and holiday snaps all the way. A very small cross-section, to be sure, but I've often wondered just what it would take to get people like them to see the emperor's got no clothes on.
By Cyclist
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Where's my badge? I'm a key worker, me. Not in the NHS or care industry, granted, but his mate Boris said I was a key worker. So WHERE'S MY FUCKING BADGE?!!?1?!!1

How can they expect people to vote for them if they won't hand over the badges?

By Malcolm Armsteen
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John Crace is always worth reading:

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... igger-mode
But luckily, Tigger was planning on saving the best till last. Because he knew that what social care workers really wanted wasn’t testing, PPE, more money or a home secretary who dismissed them all as low-skilled. It was a shiny new green badge, saying CARE, that he was proud to model.

A badge. A sodding badge. Even the writers of the TV series The Thick of It wouldn’t have dared come up with something as crass as this. Especially as it was a badge that had already been launched a year previously to the general indifference of everyone in the care home sector.
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