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By youngian
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davidjay wrote:
Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:27 pm
Messianic Trees wrote:
Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:23 pm
According to the Telegraph, May "is considering amending the Good Friday Agreement as part of a fresh attempt to unblock the Brexit logjam".
It's like the last hundred years never happened and Ireland is still ours to do with as we like.

As I understand it May is proposing the UK and Ireland can sign a bilateral treaty on the border independent of the EU. Even if this wasn't for the birds what sort deal has May in mind if the UK is leaving the SM and CU? I wish this was happening to some far-flung country then I could at least raise a smile about the Age of Stupid in action.
By youngian
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I don't give a toss how Churchill would have voted in the EURef but I chose Churchill and his global grand strategy theories as an MA module and he most certainly would have been a Remainer. Like his grandson, Major, Heseltine and a few other Tory grandees that actually know something about international relations.
By Timbo
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May just announced that the £65 application fee for settled status is to be waived. As the spouse of an EU citizen, this is most welcome, but along with the guarantee of status regardless of the negotiation outcome, should have been done two years ago. An enormous amount of goodwill has been washed away pointlessly by this petty, mean-spirited, spiteful incompetent government.
By Biggus Robbus
I don't see much hope for a Global Britain when Theresa May can't get past trying to renegotiate the backstop.

I suspect that is pushing the EU to the brink of actually telling the UK to fuck off.

Apparently Theresa May's response to Michel Barnier saying there is no way we are going to negotiate the backstop is to try and renegotiate the backstop.

Yeah he is bluffing Theresa.

Fancy a game of poker?

Backstop. Backstop. Backstop. Backstop.

Enough to keep you awake at night
By Biggus Robbus
So Barnier suggested that Theresa May move on from the backstop.


He pointed out that a time limited backstop is not a backstop. That if after the time limit expires, no solution is found to the Irish border, then the term 'backstop' becomes meaningless as it is not a backstop.

David Davis was stupid for publicly announcing EU negotiating tactics. Theresa May is stupid for not dropping David Davis's stupidity.

It's like losing a hand of poker to a royal flush and trying to get your money back 18 months later.
By Andy McDandy
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More like completely paralysed. She's useless and powerless, but nobody on her side wants her job or can muster the support to take it, while they all agree that crap as she is, any Tory in office is better than being out of power. Result - by a narrow majority she's shit but preferable to Corbyn.

But the system is what it is. And any change to the system will be a long time coming because a) turkeys and Christmas, and b) we're a sad, tired and fucked little island, and the sooner we get a few illusions buried for good, we might be able to salvage something.
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By Daley Mayle
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I'm beginning to think that, like an addict, the country needs to hit rock bottom before real change comes along.

Brexit probably has to happen and fail spectacularly with us all waking up cold and hungry in a metaphorical dumpster wondering what the fuck happened. Alcoholics Anonymous has the 12 Steps To Recovery and one of the first steps is to apologise to all those who've been hurt but will our political leaders who brought us to this dystopia have the guts to do that?
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By Andy McDandy
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Public school ethos. Get a bunch of kids together, terrify them out of any idea of genuine individuality or of forming bonds based on anything other than an arcane rules system or pointless tradition, or an unhealthy obsession with winning, because beating someone else (or not losing) is the only objective way of establishing a social pecking order.

Close the wretched places down, and send Fauntelroy to the comp.
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