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By bluebellnutter
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Said it before but will say it again, imagine if we had a less ideologically driven opposition which would send it's Shadow Chancellor round the boardrooms of as many businesses as they could find and say "back us, we'll increase your tax but also not go through with all this shit". They'd clean up.
By Boiler
It's the way many in tech are encouraged to operate. Set up a limited company. Take a salary below the level at which you pay PAYE - even NI if you wish-and the rest of your earnings in dividends. Share dividends are taxed at a low rate, and corporation tax is low too. So many people did this it led to the introduction of IR35.

And... it's all completely legal. All those new businesses Condom-face used to bray about? People who got made redundant from ordinary jobs who then sought the advice of accountants, set themselves up as a one-man band and bingo! Watch your tax bill fall.

Okay, no sick pay, no paid leave but hey...
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