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By spoonman
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youngian wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:31 pm
A difficult man to weigh up; nothing to like but nothing to dislike, dubious sincerity but not oily, little warmth, passion or ideas but doesn’t project malice or venality. He was invented for political wits; Rose without trace, an empty taxi drew up and Hunt got out.
Under his stint as Culture Secretary he thought it was a good idea to set up local TV stations in the UK because when he realised that Birmingham, Alabama had three local TV stations, he wondered why Birmingham, England didn't have any - without realising that the very different media landscapes between the UK and the USA meant you just can't transfer one idea to another and expect it to work. Now all that's ended up is almost all of the stations having to get permission from Ofcom to lower their local content commitments that they promised as part of their licence award, and that most of these stations are now run by That's TV, an outfit that is allegedly "dodgy" whom mostly just simulcast other channels available on Freeview, then in the evening run a local "news" show with production values a bunch of media students at a local FE college would be embarrassed to be associated with, filming reports presumably using Nokia 6230i's in 3gp format which then can be flogged off to the local BBC regional studio as they are compelled to purchase them from licence payers money. The bare minimum possible having bartered down Ofcom under the threat of nearly the whole of the "local TV network" collapsing, topping it off with much of the journalists paid NMW only.

Leave aside the hate he managed to build up as Health Secretary - that local TV legacy above should disqualify Mr. Rhyming Slang from holding any Cabinet position from then on other than maybe being the trolley boy to serve tea, coffee and biscuits.
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By Snowflake
I noticed while Hunt was being interviewed this morning on Sky News, he has taken to wearing a US style union jack lapel pin badge. Haven't seen it anywhere else and wondering if it's likely to catch on.
By Snowflake
youngian wrote:
Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:25 pm
he has taken to wearing a US style union jack lapel pin badge

The FBI use them as recording devices.
I thought that was only when they investigate corrupt NY attorneys.
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By Oblomov
Presumably that'll come from the 20 billion available if he doesn't carry out Bozza's proposed tax cut.
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