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By Big Arnold
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'Honest mistake': Jeremy Hunt sorry for failure to declare luxury flats purchase
It is claimed Hunt set up the company with his wife, Lucia Guo, to buy seven properties in the Ocean Village development in Southampton on 7 February.
No doubt he pays less tax that way.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... ase-errors
One Dutch visitor said the story of Hunt’s undisclosed apartments sounded familiar. “We had this issue in the Netherlands,” he said. “A minister had a house he forgot to tell anybody about. It was just a gift!”
“It is out of order,” added another passerby when asked about Hunt’s oversight. “He should declare everything. He isn’t exactly short of a few bob. He’s got £15m and he has not even declared a couple of flats. It’s ridiculous.”

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... rom-locals
By bluebellnutter
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It might be easier to believe Jeremy's claim it was an honest mistake had he ever actually dabbled in honesty at some point.
By Big Arnold
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Nine cabinet ministers, including the prime minister, are making more than £10,000 a year by acting as landlords, a Guardian analysis has found.
It's understandable that BTL landlords don't believe in affordable housing.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... a-landlord
By Cyclist
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The very people who push policies that take money away from the poorest people are the same people who throw them out on the street when they can't afford to pay the rent, and then encourage the rest of us to regard the homeless as scum because they are living on the streets.

Remind me again why I hate the cunting Tories so much
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By Messianic Trees
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Jeremy Hunt got 'bulk discount' on seven flats from Tory donor
Jeremy Hunt received a “bulk discount” on seven flats bought from a Conservative donor, the Guardian can disclose, as parliament’s watchdog opened an investigation into the health secretary’s admission that he breached money laundering rules.

The health secretary was forced to apologise for failing to declare his part-ownership of a company, which bought the luxury seaside flats in Southampton.

Kathryn Stone, parliament’s commissioner for standards, received a complaint about Hunt on Friday. The commissioner’s website confirms that Hunt is now under investigation.

Guardian inquiries established that the 82-flat block, called Alexandra Wharf, was developed by Nicolas James Group, a south coast property firm owned and chaired by businessman and Conservative donor Nicolas James Roach.

Neither Hunt nor Roach agreed to disclose the value of the deal but a source close to the health secretary said he had received a “bulk discount” for buying multiple apartments.
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