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By Bones McCoy
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You only need to visit ConservativeHome to find daily comments advocating repatriation.

Changing the subject a little:
This morning my facebook page featured attack ads form two shill organisations: Parent's Choice and Fair Tax Campaign.
Both pages created in late October, both full of bad Corbyn tales.
"Won't somebody think of the Etonians / Higher Rate Tax payers".

And thankfully, both getting royally called out in the comments.
By Andy McDandy
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The Muslim question? For fucks sake.

Also, the implication that there is some evil plot going on, just that the Tories haven't given it much thought...yeesh.
By mattomac
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Good, it should, it's awful it's not far removed from the eugenics argument, pay them less because it's the joy they get out working, people have to get by and if they haven't got any money however much they enjoy their job their life is going impact on that.

Why not pay them at all on the basis you've just given?

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