Discussion of the UK Government
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By The Red Arrow
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To pre-empt any pedants: Such a matter is beyond good grammar.

Come on who gives £252 MILLION POUND CONTRACT 2 COMPANY WITH £322 POUND ASSETS surely police need 2 get involved..
By Boiler
In the series of If... strips that brought us 'Keeves' the butler, it is interesting that the two main protagonists in the strip are Johnson and Jenrick, with an occasional appearance by Richard Desmond.

O'Brien is, sadly, right on the money here.
By Boiler
Sad to say, but expressing outrage on social media is all this country is fit for now but I suppose that's better than the telly being full of images of burning businesses or coppers getting bricked and beaten in Trafalgar Square.

However, it increasingly seems that the latter course of action is probably the only one that would make this lot sit up and listen. They know they can get away with it and beyond angry words on Twitter, those are the worst consequences they'll have to face. I'm left wondering how many of the new Tory voters in the northern "Red Wall" think this sort of behaviour is acceptable, or does their Gammony "Brexit at any cost" triumph over such matters?

Please note that I am in no way advocating the use of violence or civil disobedience.
By The Red Arrow
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I spotted it on that new-fangled teletext thingy last night. Not getting much coverage, is it?

Fair play for this and holding out against returning to the chamber, but I'm yet to be convinced that once it's full of braying tossers again, he's the man to keep order. I think he might realise this.
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