Discussion of the UK Government
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:42 pm
Well, it was here or CotD...

Does he mean the first to university? Really? His father (the 8th Baron)
Wiki wrote:Bethell was educated at Harrow. He trained as a Russian interpreter during his National Service from 1956 to 1958, and studied Oriental Languages at Pembroke College, Cambridge, specialising in Arabic and Persian. He graduated in 1962, and befriended Polish students in Cambridge. He resumed his education at Cambridge as a mature student, and earned his PhD in 1987.
Or first to blag his way in? Like Toby Young? On the strength of his privileged position...
By The Red Arrow
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Tory MP accused of rape will not return to Commons in September
But reacting to the news the MP would still be working from home, Ms Waxman tweeted: "I advise some rape victims to talk to their MP if they're dissatisfied in the way case is handled.

"Now I have to think twice as I could be referring vulnerable victim to a rape suspect."
By spoonman
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There were tweets going around yesterday saying that some MPs were threatening to use parliamentary privilege to name the suspect if he had appeared back in the Palace of Westminster after the end of the current recess.
By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Sat Aug 15, 2020 12:27 pm
Coronavirus: Dido Harding to be temporary head of new health agency


Job's for the minister's wives is soooo John Major.
By Bones McCoy
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Christopher Hope Memo
15 Aug
The new institute will bring together the science expertise at PHE with the scale of NHS Test and Trace's operation.
The model for is the Robert Koch Institute in Germany.
Dido Harding is tipped to run it, reporting to ministers and CMO Chris Whitty. More this week. 2/
There's some implication that PHE's science expertise, NHS's ??? Track and Trace and Dido Harding's leadership contain some hidden positives.

It sounds like a recipe for clusterfuck crumble.
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