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By youngian
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Samanfur wrote:
Sat Oct 03, 2020 2:43 pm
As I've said before: Sunak's the one I'm most worried about.

He's about my age, and he cut his teeth and learned about political operation and presentation whilst Tony Blair was actually popular.

He's Tory enough to do real damage, and slick and smart enough to know how to package it so that people who aren't particularly poitically or media-literate would not only vote to cut their own throats, but thank him for giving them the privilege when they did it.

The only thing that would handicap him is him being a bit too brown for the 'social conservatives'.
Married well and probably went to private school but like Blair is relatable provincial middle class. Still an unknown quantity though and could just be this year’s Rory Stewart/Cleggmania/John Moore (a blue eyed boy who caught Thatcher’s eye and was touted as the next PM by every media outlet for about six months. And rose without trace).
By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:03 pm
Sunak seems to be the best operator, but I think he'll struggle with this.

He doesn't have "clearing up Labour's mess" as a pretext, like Osborne did, and the plans go much further than 2010-15. They're more like Cameron's ludicrous pitch at the 2015 General Election, which Heidi Allen and co blocked (not that what did happen wasn't awful). Can you dress up that level of cuts? Blair was spending a lot more on in-work benefits, so not sure he's any guide here.
But what he has got is the ultimate get out of jail card. The masses swallowed austerity I as "We've got to take our medicine". Austerity II will be "We've got to pay back all that money they gave us in 2020."
By mattomac
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He was the election spokesman for a while and he seemed a vacuous non entity, I wasn’t even sure if he was an MP.

Labour have the ammo on him, problem for anyone currently in that cabinet is the fall out is going be horrendous, an independent report will need to be written, Brexit, also wasn’t the Treasury the ones pushing for normality, it’s probably going be an issue if the second wave does damage.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Talking of whom, Giles Wilkes (worth following on Twitter) got to know him in the Coalition. Not impressed.

https://www.ft.com/content/94ba1a62-ffc ... 144feabdc0
A gimmick called the Red Tape Challenge put this in the clearest light. Regulation stood for everything Steve loathed and misunderstood in government. Every past attempt to hack it away having failed, a classic Hilton idea was born. All 21,000 would be put online, and through the wisdom of crowds the public would root out and elect the worst for destruction.

It took a moment’s thought to see how this would fail. Web-based ideas take “the tyranny of whoever turns up” to a new level. In this case, those who did turn up mostly lobbied for the status quo. Regulations, moreover, mesh together and cannot be picked off as in a buffet.

So the challenge morphed ironically into a variant on “Whitehall knows best”. Elite officials would confront his hastily formed views on rules unfamiliar to all — Furniture and Fire regulations (1989) stand out in the memory — and debate whether they were needed or not. Everything that really protects the little man — consultation, legal review, the preservation of certain rights — was dismissed as artificial obstruction. Only the determination of hardy officials saved the public from the return of flammable sofas.
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