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By Kreuzberger
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TBH, I would jump at the chance and this it far more than Daniel Kawczynski could have reasonably bargained with. A fine horse-roast and an evening with the lads by an open fire.

I refer m'learned Mailwatchers to earlier posts.

Edit: That bass player - until the neighbours call the cops ;-)
By Kreuzberger
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mr angry manchester wrote:
Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:14 pm
Each to his own...
I lay five of your finest Mongolian tögrög that he doesn't read the Daily fucking Express...
By mr angry manchester
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Neither do I.

You English, you have no interest in history or culture of Mongolia, you just want to make shag with Mongolian, er bass players?
By Cyclist
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Vile Tory scum behaving in vile fashion shocker

Homophobic abuse causes Maldon councillor to resign from party group

A councillor who was subjected to homophobic abuse by a fellow Tory has resigned from his party group.

Richard Siddall, 60, said Adrian Fluker was heard to have said "hello, sailor" at a Maldon District Council meeting in Essex.

The council voted to suspend Mr Fluker from some duties, but two-thirds of Conservative members voted against it.

Mr Siddall said he could not work with people who "support homophobia, bullying and intimidation".

An independent report into the allegations found Mr Fluker, who had been leader of the council, had bullied and harassed Mr Siddall since February 2019.

At the same meeting where he made the homophobic comment he also made a "cut throat gesture" to Mr Siddall after he did not vote with the party.

Mr Siddall said there had been multiple other occasions where Mr Fluker made comments about him because of his sexuality.

These included Mr Fluker making jokes about what Mr Siddall "was doing at home with his husband".

"It has been a shock to me that it has occurred at this time in my life and in 2020," Mr Siddall said.

Mr Fluker apologised at a November meeting but this was "on his own terms" through prearranged questions from other members, the report said...


Doesn't say much for the people of Maldon who voted for these shits to represent them, does it.
By Kreuzberger
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As twats go, I am especially poncey, and I use Maldon on fish and in mash.

When I want to go ultra-poncey, there is nothing better than Reichenhaller with wild herbs and buds.

Pan salt, 20 % herbs, spices, and blossoms (wild garlic*, 2 % elderberry blossoms*, stinging nettle*, blue fenugreek*, leek*, lovage*, 1,0 % cornflower blossoms, sage*, thyme*, mint*, bunching onion*)

*Certified organic.
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