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By Samanfur
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Bradley is now in full gaslighting mode on FB. Funnily enough, he's blocked photo comments, after multiple people posted evidence of what he actually said on Twitter before he deleted the evidence, rather than what he's saying here:
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By mr angry manchester
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What an utter arsehole. Come the next election I am certain he will be out, together with several others in similar constituencies who got in on the back of Brexit
By mr angry manchester
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Putting aside the emotion involved, it's just bad politics. Sooner or later, they will get called out on it, and have to issue some sort of grovelling apology and back track a bit.

If so, then why come out with such stupid shit in the first place? Unless it's so they can retreat a bit and then say "oh look, aren't we great, we've given concessions"

Bradley, though, Just seems to be digging himself into a deeper hole almost daily. Maybe he knows he'll be out next time and has just said "fuck it"

PS, is it just me, or does anyone else think he looks like Al Murray's pub landlord character?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Once upon a time Tory politicians knew all that. They knew that a lot of what they believed was unpopular, so they covered it with a film or veneer of civilisation and concern. Even Thatcher could do that (although the mask slipped from time to time).

Not so with the Spawn of Thatcher, many of whom were elected last time around. They are proud of their hideous values of competition and neo-Darwinism. They flaunt it with absolute contempt for the people.

And the people seem to lap it up...

Thatcher wrecked this country. Like dictators through the ages she unleashed the selfish, the prejudiced and the greedy, and let them do her work for her.
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