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By Samanfur
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Tory said A&E was full of ‘fat mums in Pot Noodle-stained leggings’

A Conservative chairman has stood down after going on a rant against women and children.

In his New Year’s Eve message on Twitter, Gareth Baines suggested that A&E departements were full of ‘fat mums in Pot Noodle-stained leggings’ with their ‘snot-covered Asbo’ children.

He also said that many parents were taking their children to hospital just so that they could gain sympathetic likes on Facebook.

Mr Baines has since apologised and stood down as chairman of the Clwyd South Conservative Association.

He wrote: ‘A&Es in Germany aren’t full of fat mums in pot noodle-stained leggings/ pjs taking their kids for a day out at A&E to harvest Facebook likes because their darling little snot-covered Asbo fell over. Happy New Year.’
Mr Baines – who claims to have an honorary doctorate in business administration – has not quit his role as a councillor representing Chirk Town Council and later said his comments were ‘out of context’.
By Samanfur
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With apologies for the double-post:
Calls for senior Tory MP to resign for comparing protesters storming US Capitol to Brexit referendum

Hundreds of angry supporters of Donald Trump clashed with police at the US Capitol on Wednesday, forcing Congress to halt the voter certification process to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential election win.

Former Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies, who is now the Welsh Conservatives health spokesman, responded to a tweet by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who described the “horrendous scenes” in Washington DC as “a direct attack on democracy and legislators carrying out the will of the American people”.

Quoting the tweet, Davies wrote: “To be honest I’m not sure you’re in the strongest position right now given you campaigned to overturn democracy and the will of the British people.”
By Cyclist
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What "months and months of arson, looting and murder that happened over 2020"?

Where was this? And why should "Lefty politicians" be blamed?

Can someone explain? I don't receive news from alternative universes.
By Andy McDandy
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His website is a riot. He has about 3 sections talking about his politics (nothing unsurprising), says that he's a Christian (but doesn't like to talk about it) about as many times, and talks a lot about setting up Wisbech pride, which turns out to be about litter picking.

It's also fairly awfully designed. Funny, for an IT professional.
By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Sun Jan 10, 2021 6:39 am
Nick Timothy hits backs at article by a Soros controlled citizen of nowhere; “Tories were never on the Eastern Front.”
Imgine a Venn diagram showing Nick Timothy's corporate funders and the Stop the Steal corporate funders.
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