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By Oblomov
Yebbut Jack Monroe was wearing Airpods for her news interview so obviously she's a hypocritical champagne socialist!
By Oblomov
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:20 am
I told ya it was coming, groovers. The 'Good Germans' have surfaced.

Sorry for the double post but he's my mate's local MP so I figured I'd chime in.

Rosindell is an intellectual pygmy and a war fetishist (ever seen the Union flag waistcoat he dresses his bulldog up in?), to the point where near-propaganda pieces like The Dambusters are erotica to him.

EDIT: It's also probably lost on jingoistic thickos like Rosindell that we were fighting with communists against fascists...
By Boiler
The resident Tory on another forum derided the Tweet as "rubbish" saying it ignored the cost of logistics, warehousing etc. Then someone pointed out that the company in question would be buying in at wholesale prices which would offset the logistical costs.
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By mattomac
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Chartwell’s are well known in University catering, it was questionable what they were serving at the end of their contract with The university I work at.

The portion size was as bad as that’s being shown, the lot who replaced them aren’t much better though to be fair their food looks like what it is supposed too.

The PLU like you are strong on the Angela Rayner post is strong even after Chartwell’s have admitted how bad they look, comes down of the poorest to spend, the irony is this bullshit is wedded in Victorian times alongside genetic driven racism.
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