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By Tubby Isaacs
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Ending austerity (for our base).

It's interesting that they put money into tax credits- not that it's doing anything but help make pre-loaded cuts less awful. I suppose it reflects that these days they've got lots of C2DE voters. Whether those voters stick around when they're hit by Hard Brexit or "betrayed" by BINO, remains to be seen.
By Andy McDandy
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Tax credits mean dick all to people in uneven employment. Gain one year, find yourself in the shit when you're back on the dole.

Fuck Hammond and the horse he rode in on.
By Big Arnold
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He's sounding a lot like May this morning.
"What happens if there's no Brexit deal?"
"i'm expecting a good deal. Blah blah dividend from a Brexit deal blah blah"
Er hang on. Hasn't the Treasury etc said that all possible outcomes are worse than being in the EU? Yesterday he said there would be a bonus from investment resuming once the Brexit uncertainty was over. Hang on again. That will be at most all the investment on hold for the last couple of years.
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